Jade Sweeney Monopolizing Cable Television

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Monopolizing Cable Television:

Monopolizing Cable Television Where are the better deals?

History of Cable and Satellite:

History of Cable and Satellite Cable Television Started in rural areas FCC regulations Cable Communications Act of 1984 Cable Act of 1992

PowerPoint Presentation:

Satellite Television Arthur C. Clark Sputnik Emeritus H. Taylor Dish Network

Package Plans:

Package Plans Comcast deals Direct TV deals Dish Network AT&T Uverse

Pricing and Promotion :

Pricing and Promotion Generally low prices for just the television portion Advertise mostly through commercials Packages are only offered with 2 year contracts

The Actual Pricing :

The Actual Pricing Add Ons can add up Termination fees Who may be responsible

Why Aren’t There More Companies:

Why Aren’t There More Companies Cable Communication Policy Act of 1984 Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act of 1992 Hard times for Local Cable Companies

Alternatives :

Alternatives Let Customers create their own packages No more two year contracts! Pay for only specialty channels (HBO, NFL Network)

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