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Ethics of Food Health Claims:

Ethics of Food Health Claims An evaluation of FDA regulations and how they affect food advertising and labeling.

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Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act 1938 Nutritional Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) 1990

The Four P's of Marketing:

The Four P's of Marketing

Two Major Ethical Debates :

Two Major Ethical Debates 2. Health claims as a way to educate the public 1. FDA control of health claims – keep companies honest

Health Claims before 1938:

Health Claims before 1938

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Should the FDA be utilizing private companies as a way to keep the public informed?

Two examples: Pom and Activia:

Two examples: Pom and Activia

What's next for the FDA and food labels?:

What's next for the FDA and food labels?

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The End Cheryl Kysh

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