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Telemarketing to the Elderly:

Telemarketing to the Elderly Carmen Fowler MGMT 5000


Background What is telemarketing? Why is telemarketing a common practice? Who is in charge of regulating the telemarketing industry? How do fraudulent telemarketers get your phone number?

The Four P’s:

The Four P’s Product Cars, Health Care Plan, Prescription Drugs, Trips Price Cheaper than the current products customers buy Place Telemarketers call customers at home Promotion Money-back guarantees, limited-time offer

The Ethical Dilemma:

The Ethical D ilemma Fraudulent Telemarketing to the Elderly Med Provisions Union Consumer Benefits

Why are the elderly targeted?:

Why are the elderly targeted? Have extra capital Trusting Uneducated Don’t report the incident Don’t realize a crime has been committed Poor witnesses


Theories Rational Choice Theory Routine Activity Theory Noteworthy Noble Cause Arguement

Do Not Call Registry:

Do Not C all Registry Established by the Federal Trade Commission Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007 Exceptions to the registry Telemarketing grace period

Solving the Ethical Dilemma:

Solving the E thical Dilemma Federal Bureau of Investigation tips Do Not Call Registry Rawlsian approach Educating the Elderly

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