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Black soil:

Black soil


Black Soil 1. It is found in Deccan plateau. 2. This type of soil is confined to some parts of Gujarat , Maharashtra, and Karnataka. 3. This soil has an ability to retain moisture and become sticky when wet. 4. It is largely used for growing cotton and thus, is popularly known as cotton soil.

Alluvial soil:

Alluvial soil

Alluvial Soil:

Alluvial Soil 1. It is found over a large part of the country. 2. It is mainly formed by the work of river and is confined to northern and coastal plains. 3. This type of soil is very fertile and forms major agricultural land of our country.

Laterite soil:

Laterite soil

Laterite Soil:

Laterite Soil 1. The laterite soil is found over the hill slopes of peninsular plateau. 2. It is found in the regions of heavy rainfall.

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Desert Soil

Desert Soil:

Desert Soil 1.Desert soil are basically of sandy texture. 2.This type of soil has poor clay content and also lacks in moisture content. 3.Desert soils are basically poor in nitrogen,which is an important nutrient required for the plantation purpose. 4.Rajasthan Desert is covered with sand at most of the places.

Mountain soil:

Mountain soil

Mountain Soil:

Mountain Soil Mountain soils are mainly found in hill slopes and are formed by deposition of organic matter from woodland and forests. 2.It is rich in humus, slightly acidic and are fertile. 3.Mountain soils are mostly found in the Himalaya regions,Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh Kashmir and also in the peninsula,Eastern Ghats.

Red soil:

Red soil

Red Soil:

Red Soil 1. This soil is red in colour due to the presence of iron particles. 2. Red soil is confined to peninsular India and some patches of north-eastern part of India. 3. It is highly porous, fine grained and deep.

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