3 Types of Goals You Should Set

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3 Types of Goals You Should Set By: Vacancies.ae

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1. Time goals are the ones we refer to as short-term or long-term. • An example would be having a short-term goal of learning how to make a roux with a long- term goal of learning how to make gumbo.

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2. Focus goals remind me of a BHAG big hairy audacious goal. • It’s the one thing thats driving the majority of decisions. For instance I had a goal last year to write a book. Big goal. It was a huge endeavor and impacted many of my personal and professional decisions.

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3. Topic based goals can be personal professional career and financial. • Maybe you have a goal to save a certain amount of money. Or to complete a leadership development program. These are goals that are important in a certain aspect of our life. • Time focus and topic goals are not mutually exclusive. We can have short-term financial goals long-term career goals and a personal BHAG.

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