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The Jim Corbett National Park one of the oldest National park in India, Situated in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand and established in the year of 1936 as a name of Hailey National Park. After India’s independence the Park was renamed as Ramganga National Park, but later in 1956 it was renamed again as Jim Corbett - the famous hunter turned conservationist who played a major role in the establishment in the park. Flora and Fauna in Corbett : Located at the foothills of Shivalik range of Himalaya and bank of ramganga river the park contains 488 species of plants and wildlife animals mainly Tiger, Elephants, Chital, Sambar Deer, Nilgai, King Cobra, wild boar, Flying Fox, and more the 660 different kinds of India Birds. Corbett National Park is one of the Safest Zone for critically endangered Bengal Tiger and the total area of the park is 521 sq. Kms. The park is divided into 5 zones Bijrani, Dhikala, Jhirna, Domunda, and Sonanandi and having four gates which act as an entrance of the park, which are Amdanda Gate, Dhangarhi Gate, Khara gate and Durga Devi gate. Every year thousands of Domestic and International adventure lovers, bird watchers and animals lovers visit Corbett National Park. Gen


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Jim Corbett National Park:

Jim Corbett National Park Ramnagar Uttarakhand Web: uttarakhand-tour-packages.in

Corbett National Park :

Corbett National Park Jim Corbett National Park is a forested wildlife sanctuary situated at Ramnagar in Nainital District. Corbett National Park is the oldest National Park of India and was one of the nine tiger reserves where project Tiger was launched in the year 1973. The area of the entire reserve is 1,318,54 square kilomiters.It’s known for its Bengali tigers and different types of Flora and Fauna. There are 580 species of birds, 25 reptile species and 50 mammals is Corbett National Park which attracts visitors. These include the Indian elephant, Tiger, Leopard, jungle cat, fishing cat(rare) caracal sloth bear, monkey ,wild boar, languor, cheetah, somber, reptiles, like Ghariyal , cobra ,King cobra, resell ’viper, and birds like wagtail, black bulbul ,cuckoo ,Indian and great pied hornbill, mimivet , kalej and chirr pheasant , eagle, pall’s fish eagle, cinereous vulture, white-tailed ruby throat, heron, egret, shrike, drongo , barbet, etc.

Flora and Fauna in Corbett : :

Flora and Fauna in Corbett : There are about 488 species of plants .Main plants or trees found in Corbett National park are Sal, Chir Pine , Shish am, Khair etc. It is as famous for its birds with over 500 species recorded from the area that comprises of domestic as well as migratory birds .Some of the species are regularly seen in & around the park are lesser fish eagle, Great salty Woodpecker, Ibisbill , Wallcreeper , Bright-headed Cist cola , White –tailed Ruby throat etc.It is also declared as IBA(Important Bird area) by bird life International . The most famous of Corbett’s residents are Bengal Tiger , Asiatic Elephant , Leopards , Wild Boar , Sloth bear , Jackal , Mongoose & Crocodile. Some Interesting Fact on the Jim Corbett National Park.  Corbett National Park Has hills, rivers, grassland and a large lake, all spread over on area of 520.8 square kilometers. The Elephants of Jim Corbett Park range from 1,300 feet (400m) to 4,000 feet (1,200m). The National park around 580 pieces of birds. The dense forest in the park included mainly Sal , Haldu , Peepal , Rohini and Mango trees. The trees are spread over almost 73% of the Corbett national park, only 10% of the area consists of grassland.

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