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Clean Room Environments and Products Manufacturing


Clean rooms are sterile places where particular products are manufactured but not like most manufacturing environments, a cleanroom has to be monitored all the time and maintained for precaution against the airborne particles from the room. If the presence of airborne particles is high, then the cleanroom should be compromised and the production will then have to be halted.


The contaminations can be caused by several different sources including People, Equipments, Process of Manufacturing, etc and may be harmful for the people. Today clean rooms are a necessity like many other manufacturing environments that exist. Generally the standards which are required for the manufacturing of a specific item will dictate the level of airborne contaminants which can be allowed to be present in a clean room.


If a cleanroom becomes contaminated, then it must then be cleaned and made sterile once again. It is a lengthy process and also expensive to conduct therefore, it is easier for companies which have clean rooms to stick to strict guidelines regarding their clean rooms and people who enter.


Clean rooms are closely monitored as they always follow certain rules and procedures associated with entering, exiting and how to control yourself while in the cleanroom. This is because the fact that it is the only way to totally control the level of activity in that environment.


Most of the clean rooms will therefore call for those who enter to wear certain garments and follow a certain procedures. These garments will help in keeping contamination out and by explaining how someone should enter a cleanroom and then contaminants are kept at bay. Clean rooms may require everyone who enters to have their entire bodies covered and must wear a respirator.


Clean rooms will also limit the pace of movement within the circumstances as too much movement can also stir up airborne particles that are too cautious to be in a clean room. However, unlike other manufacturing environments, no one can jump easily into a cleanroom as the environment requires special care.


Other ways in which a cleanroom can be kept at a certain level in avoiding airborne contaminations are Specific type of Pressurization in the Cleanroom, Specific Humidity present in the Cleanroom, Specific Air Filtration of the Cleanroom, Specific Temperature of the Cleanroom and several other ways.


The clean rooms are also cleaned using very specific methods at regular intervals to keep all contaminates away. The clean rooms are more than a sanitary room in fact to qualify as a cleanroom it must meet stringent sanitation requirements.


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