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Utopia is an innovative Singapore based Cleanroom Construction Materials Supplier that offer all type of Cleanroom Equipments like Air shower, Fan Filter Unit, Clean Bench, Pass Box, Lighting, Ceiling Grid, SS Mac, Biological, Bio-Hazard Safety Equipments, Wall Panel and Custom Made Cleanroom Equipments with affordable cost and best quality..


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Clean Room Construction Materials Supplier in Singapore


Modular construction is around for years and many businesses have used modular's for their offices, shops, etc as a cost efficient tool to maximize their space. The usage of modular construction in clean rooms is a great option which offers many features as the traditional construction fails in that.


The best advantage of modular construction is that, it is significantly less intrusive when compared to traditional construction methods. Generally, clean rooms are used for specialized processes and it requires a very clean environment. The most important aspect of clean room design is airflow and the air within a clean room is controlled through HVAC units and filtration systems.


Clean rooms must follow a strict standard because they are rated according to their level of cleanliness and if clean rooms do not maintain their cleanliness standard then the consequences could be quite serious.


A clean room is a space by using that the level of environmental contaminants is controlled and they can be mostly found in manufacturing of scientific research facilities in which the environment needs to have airborne particles, chemicals and bacteria in a measurably low level.


The clean room technology advancements have reduced the costs of clean room construction and maintenance, while offering manufacturers more flexibility and better control. To keep the clean room control the number of dust particles, most clean rooms have HVAC systems, humidity controls and strict gowning regulations.


The clean room construction basically uses two common methods of building. Traditional methods normally require hiring a contractor who will then build the clean room onsite as this is quite common method which is used for years.


Improving the indoor air quality is the second job by removing dust and airborne particles from air. A few items might be added or dropped depending on the type of laboratory and it is a common list of furniture which remains on it are lab tables, benches, carts and cabinets which are essential for proper ventilation and worker safety.


Laboratory cabinet is an important player in housing evidence, paperwork, solvents, materials and sterile apparels to mention among other lab items. A choice of standard steel cabinets, flame resistant cabinets or chemical resistant cabinets will hinge on specific usage of them.


Flame resistance is important in cabinets which stores flammable materials whether paperwork or chemical substances. Chemical resistant cabinets are constructed with a Russian doll design, cabinet within cabinet, etc for storage of chemicals and corrosive substances.


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