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Utopia is a fast growing company in Singapore that offers excellent services for clean room products, healthcare equipments, clean room laundry services with affordable prices and excellent quality..


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Cleanroom Product Manufacturer In Singapore


Utopia Group of Companies initialized with a simple opening in 1980 as the predecessor of Utopia Group was started as a one man operation which is called as Utopia Aire Pte Ltd.


Utopia manufactures many products which are Clean Room equipments, Clean Room Construction materials, Hospital Equipments, HVAC Equipments, Biofit Clean Room Chairs, Clean Room products and much more.


Utopia has an expertise in the manufacture of Airtech equipments for the clean room, for scientific research or sterilized functions, the clean room environment which should be controlled from dust, chemical vapor, aerosol particles, airborne microbes, etc.


Airtech manufactures several products like Standard type Air Showers, Rational Air Showers, Line Type Air Showers, DIY Air Showers, Special Ordered Air Showers High Speed Door Showers and much more.


Clean Room Equipments & Construction Materials are Custom Made Clean Room Equipments, Wall Panels, Fan Filter Units, Clean Benches, Bio-Hazard Safety Equipments, Pass Boxes, Lighting Equipments, Biological Equipments, SS Mac, Ceiling Grid, etc and also the classifications extend namely Ultra Clean Ceiling, Clean Room Panel & Partition, Hepa Filter, Tear Drop Lighting, etc.


Biofit Clean Room Chairs are designed by Utopia to avoid surprises found with the technology of Ergonomic Vacuum-formed seating. The Chair is the Integral part available in the workplace so it is necessary to choose the perfect chair for making the employee’s job healthier and also comfortable.


HVAC Equipments are Close Control Air Conditioners which is of two types, one type with Direct Expansion Coil : OHA Series and other type with Chilled Water Coil : OHU Series, both of the types are equipped with controls, electric boards, micro-processors and dedicated software which comes with extra-ordinary designs specially made for General Surgery Rooms, Mortuaries, Special Orthopaedics Surgery Rooms, Biotechnology and Pathologic Anatomy Laboratories.


They are also equipped with features like Low Temperature Heart Surgery Rooms which are highly required for patients safety, BSL’s for the treatment of viruses, Nuclear Toxic, Flammable, Radioactive or Contaminated Substances, Intensive Care Units (ICU), Sterilization Rooms, etc.


To Find Out More Information Cleanroom Products Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Utopia Aire Pte Ltd Contact Us: 7 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Tech Park, Singapore 416185 Tel : (65) 6746-7577 Fax : (65) 6746-4994 Email : Web :

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