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Utopia is a fast growing company in Singapore that offers excellent services for clean room products, healthcare equipments, clean room laundry services with affordable prices..


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Clean Room Products Suppliers In Singapore


An increase in the number of industries operating critical and controlled internal environments continues which has now spread even to the small and medium scale companies. So the levels of contamination have to be monitored very closely to achieve quality results. Various sources for contamination can be water, air, surfaces and personnel


All of these pose a potential risk to the internal controlled environment. The environment can be primarily controlled from contamination by maintained and well-constructed. This can only be done by the support of trained personnel, following strict gowning, cleaning and disinfecting protocols.


A cleanroom is an environment that has low levels of environmental pollutants like airborne microbes, fine dust, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. In any company, the primary objective of clean rooms is to minimize and control the contamination from these environmental pollutants.


Cleanroom disposables offer significant cost effectiveness as the cleanroom technology is being widely accepted leading to increase in their demand. Cleanroom disposables for cleaning purpose are made of special fabric that provides advanced cleaning solutions for controlled internal environments.


Utopia-Aire Pte Ltd offers cleanroom disposables such as Microfiber & MegaTex Sponges and Mitt Wipes which are best suited to be used in the cleanroom environment. The Microfiber Sponge is constructed from 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide. The material used is split microfiber ideal for polishing appliances.


The MegaTexTM Sponges on the other hand are non-woven Polyamide Fabric with textured thermo bonded surface. It is ideal for cleaning structured floors, heavy soils and other rough surfaces. It is a combination of MegaTex over an interior of urethane foam. Non-Woven sponges maintain their strength and can hold up to strong disinfectants and steam sterilization.


The Microfiber and MegaTex Sponges are available in various sizes and can be used to clean workstations, walls, windows or Laminar Flow Benches. MittWipes are an easy and handy solution to cleaning of hard to reach areas. They make it easy to clean tanks, tubing, around carts, shelves by wearing them comfortably over a gloved hand.


MittWipes are available in standard and gamma irradiated versions. The PolyMitt comes in one standard size but custom surfaces are available. Utopia-Aire Pte Ltd also deals in irradiated, additional and custom sized Microfiber & MegaTex Sponges and MittWipes.


To Find Out More Information Cleanroom Products Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Utopia Aire Pte Ltd Contact Us: 7 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Tech Park, Singapore - 416185 Tel : (65) 6746-7577 Fax : (65) 6746-4994 Email : Web :

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