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Utopia-Aire Pte Ltd was incorporated to manufacture Clean room Products of high quality and that meet international standards of clean room technology.Our equipments supervised by a Professional clean room manufacturer and delivered to global reach clients..


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Cleanroom Garments Services In Singapore

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A garment is a piece of clothing that is worn on the body to cover the body. Different types of garment serve different purposes and can be made of different types of material that can affect its quality and comparability.

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Utopia Aire Singapore offers cleanroom garments that are best suited to be used in the cleanroom environment. A garment contains seams which are produced when multiple pieces of material are combined together with stitches.

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Most seams in modern garments are done using computerized sewing machines. The four basic types of seams are plain, French, flat and lapped. The position of the seams can be center front, center back, side, side back, shoulder or inseam.

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Utopia Aire ensures that the number of seams in its cleanroom garments is kept to the minimal and the entire seams are made such that they enclose the edges of each piece of material completely. These reduce the likelihood that any particles can enter or exit through the seams of the cleanroom garments.

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Utopia Aire designs the cleanroom garments such that they contain enough room for the personnel to move around freely and yet are not large enough to form a wind sleeve. Utopia Aire understands the importance of having a correct garment sizing as an incorrect garment size may lead to an increased chance of contamination and pose a safety issue to the wearer.

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Utopia Aire provides several sizes so that each individual personnel can be correctly fitted with the most suitable garment that offers the ultimate freedom and protection. The design also eliminates any forms of pocket, belt, pleat and tuck. The material of the cleanroom garment is tightly weaved so that any potentially contaminating particles cannot enter the garment.

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The cleanroom garments offer protection to the personnel by covering most areas of their body, including the neck. In summary, Utopia Aire provides the best cleanroom garments that are comfortable, safe and of high quality.

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Utopia Aire recommends a cleanroom gowning sequence in which cleanroom personnel dons the cleanroom garments in a specific order. First, the shoe covers are fitted over the shoes. Next, the cap is worn over the head, followed by the hood. After which, the face mask is worn to cover the face and nose. Next, the coveralls are donned on the body. Following which, the boots is worn.

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To Find Out More Information Cleanroom Products Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Utopia Aire Pte Ltd Contact Us: 7 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Tech Park, Singapore 416185 Tel : (65) 6746-7577 Fax : (65) 6746-4994 Email : Web :

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