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Looking For Infection Control And BIO-Bio-Decontamination Services in Singapore.Utopia provides solution for Infection control and Decontamination through BioGienie..


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Important Facts About Infection And Decontamination

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Utopia provides services to control infection and decontamination through the use of several featured products. The Oxypharm is a 100 automated surfaces bio disinfection device that is safe to use with its non-toxic non- allergenic non-corrosive and non-oxidizing characteristics.

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It combines the advantages of Nocospray and Nocolyse that enables the automated disinfection of the air and surfaces in an enclosed environment. Nocolyse helps to be an environment friendly product with its 99.9 biodegradable feature that is formulated with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and silver or ascorbic acid.

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It will be broken down into water and oxygen which is harmless to the environment. The secret to the performance of Oxypharm lies in its special and innovative idea of using both Nocospray and Nocolyse together to lead the germs to self-destruct themselves. It performs with the same effects across all surfaces evenly.

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It also does not corrode or oxidize any electronic surfaces. Besides the Nocolyse which is used for preventive treatments Uto p ia’ s other usage of disinfectants ranges from curative treatments odors removal surfaces that come into contact with food to deodorizers.

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Its insecticide series can be used for treatment against flying and crawling insects anti-mosquito treatment anti-dust mite treatment anti-bedbug treatment and insecticide treatment adapted for the food industry.

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Its quality monitoring kit includes the Nocotest and Nocobox. The Nocotest is a colorimetric strip that can be used to detect hydrogen peroxide in the atmosphere. The Nocobox is a contact box designed to collect samples from any surfaces and detect the presence of any microorganisms

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To Find Out More Information Infection Control Singapore Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards.. Utopia Aire Pte Ltd Contact Us: 7 Kaki Bukit Place Eunos Tech Park Singapore - 416185 Tel : 65 6746-7577 Fax : 65 6746-4994 Email : Web :

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