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Airtech Equipment Pte Ltd, a joint venture between Utopia-Aire and Airtech Japan Ltd, was incorporated to manufacture Cleanroom Equipments of high quality and that meet international standards of cleanroom technology..


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Quality Management Team In Utopia Aire Pte Ltd


Utopia Aire recognizes the importance of quality and set up its Quality Management Team to manage the Total Quality Process in the company. The purpose of Total Quality Process is to improve productivity by improving quality


The Quality Management Team aims to steer and give support to all the quality action teams to achieve the best customer satisfaction through every single employee involvement, creating awareness of the Total Quality Process and continuous training and development.


The goals of productivity are to bring up the quality level of the products and services, capturing a larger market share and improve the standard of living. Reducing waste is an effective approach to increase the company’s profits. Value is added when a process generates a product or service that a consumer will purchase for.


Waste is generated when a process uses resources more than what it is required to create the product or service that the consumers actually use. The benefits of Quality Management are numerous. These include higher productivity, increased customer satisfaction, higher profitability, larger market share, more employee involvement as well as reduction in costs.


Following the five quality principles enable a company to produce a product or service that is free from defect. The first quality principle defines that all work is a process. The second quality principle defines that quality is about meeting requirements. The third quality principle focuses on processes by measuring. The fourth quality principle is that quality standard is 100% right. The fifth quality principle defines prevention as the system for quality.


The implementation of Total Quality Process involves four main activities and involves the role of management. The four main activities are making a commitment, planning for quality management, putting quality systems in motion and keeping quality going. Making a commitment requires a top down approach by changing the culture starting at the top. The three stages of culture change are conviction, commitment and conversion.


Planning for quality management involves forming a quality management team, creating awareness, educating everyone and preparing for goal setting. Putting quality systems in motion involves setting up work process measurements, measuring quality, forming quality action teams for solving problems and recognizing participation.


Utopia Aire is able to improve its profits and at the same time, give the highest satisfaction to its customers with its Quality Management Team who relentlessly steer the Total Quality Process in the company. This is definitely a win-win situation for both Utopia Aire and all its customers.


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