Why You Must Play A Fun Board Game At Least Once In Your Life…

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Why You Must Play A Fun Board Game At Least Once In Your Life… I have been playing board games as long as I can remember. I can still picture my friends and cousins playing fun board games in our veranda during summer vacation. Though many of my friends have stopped playing board games I still do. Board games are the best tool to test your intelligence. Research has shown that children who play math board games between the ages of 5 to 10 have better understanding of the subject. Besides playing fun board games is a great way for families to spend quality time together. They can be strategic or tactical or they can be just fun and simple. There is a wide variety of board games available for kids as well as adults. I wasn’t surprised to find specially designed board games for college students in a store. A fun board game can turn your lame party into an awesome one. There is one more reason why I still play board game it takes me away from the screen. It’s great to interact with your friends in person. A lot of psychological study has been done to understand the reason which makes us so devoted or addicted to fun board games. Fun board games apps have contributed to this addiction over the last decade. What is it that makes our brain to

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compete with each other to solve a problem or outmanoeuvre a strategy Most of it is related to the way we as humans have evolved over the years. The types of challenges presented in board games are in the form of activities challenges and puzzles. Though solving puzzles require some skills we are quite confident that we already possess the skills. Playing alone is good but playing with other people where you can demonstrate your achievements is better. Most players will not play with a superior opponent simply because they don’t want to lose. Our very nature instigates us to win. If the activities in a game are interesting enough then we will slip into a state where time will fly past us. In real life people with strong logical skills tend to climb the ladder of success. Board games can be excellent tools to develop logical thought process in children. Like I have said earlier a teenager who used to play math board games as a child can grasp the much needed maths very easily. His basic mathematical concepts are very clear. A fun board game and a child is a winning combination. One of the major concerns today is how less time adults spend playing games. I am not talking about outdoor games. As we grow up we tend to give up small pieces of happiness like playing a fun board game. A board game will not just boost your intellect it will keep you mentally occupied. If you keep playing board games regularly you will never feel frustrated or depressed. It will feed your knowledge hungry brain. So buckle up and start playing a board game. Mobile technology has changed our lives. Everybody from a child to an adult knows how to use a smartphone. Many traditional fun board games have launched their mobile applications which enable players to break the physical barriers. Mobile app lets you play the game without leaving the comfort of your couch. So there is no need to gather your friends around just plug in and play with your friends. Don’t be a bored old chap start playing a fun board game now and add some colour to your life. Categories:  Online new board games list family play download UTK Games  Board games  Online arcade games  New games  Games  Download games  Play games  Best Board games  Top Board games  Famous Board games  Board games for kids  Educational Board games  Monopoly Board games See more at Exciting Trivia Game

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