Steam Vac: All-in-One Steam Cleaning Machine

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Eco-friendly living by reducing water usage and eliminate harmful chemicals leeched into the environment. Our machines reduce water by 93% with steam verses water, plus the steam kills 99.9% of bacteria.


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STEAMVAC: All-in-One Cleaning Machine By US SteamVac

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Cleanliness and well-being are must haves for people who want to relax and regenerate both physically and mentally. Proper sanitation of gyms wellness centers or swimming pools is needed to prevent the proliferation and spread of viruses and bacteria. These highly frequented places are subject to dirt accumulation and the risk of transmitting microbes and germs. With the constant use of fitness machines and spa services cleanliness is important to prevent the spread of germs and contamination and to protect the health of both guests and staff. Increase Gym Memberships by Offering Chemical-Free Sanitation Set yourself apart from the corner gym by offering chemical-free green-cleaning and sanitation procedures that kill 99.9 of germs and bacteria. No one wants to smell sweat or stuffy air when they enter the gym.

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Steam MAX is equipped with two boilers in either 9 kW or 20kW for large cleaning projects – like train undercarriages each with a power of 4500 W providing constant pressure of 10 bar 145 psi without any performance loss during use. The Steam MAX is equipped with an intelligent boiler system that signals when it is time to descale the system. During your professional cleaning tasks you can choose up to three different steam levels evaluating when and how to use them according to applications and use.

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The Tandem Pro is a multi-use cleaning unit. It functions as a steam cleaner and steam extractor as well as a wet/dry vacuum. The Tandem Pro is an ideal chemical-free alternative for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces encountered in commercial cleaning settings yet has the option of using a non-toxic degreasing detergent making it the ultimate commercial cleaning machine. Steam deodorizes and sanitizes with heat and moisture. Steam in conjunction with the vacuum function allows the Tandem Pro to reduce the time associated with steaming alone and waste materials like paper towels and cleaning cloths. The Tandem Pro implements leading-edge technology and accessories designed for cleaning professionals.

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The 7500CD produces 70 PSI of steam pressure and reaches temperatures up to 221º F at the tip. It ’ s ideally suited for use in dental labs jewelry stores and workrooms for cleaning away left over wax plaster waste and other debris and for polishing the final product. Steam deodorizes and sanitizes with heat and moisture and since the only ingredient required for the 7500CD is water cleaning has never been safer healthier or more environmentally friendly. SPECIFICATIONS : ELECTRICAL:120V WATER CAPACITY:2.37 GAL 9L OPERATING PRESSURE:Up to 70 PSI 4.8 BAR ELEMENTS: 2 – 1200W each 1 spare

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The 9000CJ provides continuous steam for an unlimited amount of time when it ’ s hooked up to a direct water line or with the available 2-gallon water container. Ther e’ s no more downtime waiting for the boiler to re-pressurize. The 9000CJ is the perfect choice for environments that require large volumes of uninterrupted steam. The only ingredient required for the 9000CJ is water. Cleaning has never been safer healthier or more environmentally friendly. SPECIFICATIONS : ELECTRICAL:120V WATER CAPACITY: Unlimited BOILER CAPACITY:1.25 GAL 5L OPERATING PRESSURE: Up to 80 PSI 5.5 BAR

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