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Artificial Intelligence is not new. In fact, it was invented in the 1950s but has recently been widely accepted in modern business.


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2/12/2020 Top Artificial Intelligence trends in 2020 - venkat k - Medium 1/4 Top Articial Intelligence trends in 2020 venkat k Feb 12 · 4 min read rtificial Intelligence is not new. In fact it was invented in the 1950s but has recently been widely accepted in modern business. However the Artificial Intelligence industry is moving faster than anything else in waves and trends. It is critical to stay up-to-date on what a business does and what doesn’t. Doing so gives the company a competitive advantage while improving marketing and advertising performance. With that said today I share the emerging trends in the AI industry and what you need to know about moving into 2020. Also Read: T op 10 AI Trends Marketers Should W atch for In 2020 A

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2/12/2020 Top Artificial Intelligence trends in 2020 - venkat k - Medium 2/4 Predictive Analytics You don’t need a crystal ball to know the future. You need predictive analytics that uses a combination of machine learning historical data and other processes to predict future outcomes. Using analytics a company can use models and trends to improve everything from its advertising to security. Not only is it more widely used but it can also help businesses increase their bottom line while taking advantage of competitors thanks to: 1. The easy barrier to entry with easy to use and affordable platforms. 2. Increased amounts of data and analytics available from Tools and other channels. 3. More market saturation forces companies to find a way to differentiate. In addition the 20 attendance analysis market is expected to reach 95 10.95 billion by 2022. This is a 21 compound growth from 2016 and seems to be trending toward that making it a worthwhile AI trend to keep your radar on. Higher Use Of Anomaly Detection Missing budgets breakdowns of integrations and forgetting to start are some of the daily woes the agency faces. These are all human failings and also completely normal. However they have a higher price tag. That is why it is widely accepted that disorder detection is used by companies to detect problems before they occur. This AI-driven approach compares current and historical data. These can be isolated to detect defects in any area of cybersecurity marketing advertising and business. However not terribly. Disorder recognition has the potential to uncover positive opportunities for business. This can be anything from finding very profitable PPC creatives to SEO keywords or customer segments. Ultimately it allows agencies to focus on the things that humans do best while AI takes care of optimizations in the background. Machine Learning-Driven Cybersecurity

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2/12/2020 Top Artificial Intelligence trends in 2020 - venkat k - Medium 3/4 Cybersecurity is a growing concern worldwide. Losing a customer or proprietary data is the last thing you want for your business. In fact 67 of small businesses will experience cyberattacks in 2018. That is why we are seeing an increase in cybersecurity driven by machine learning models. These tools use AI which is constantly running in the background when the business is running to detect threats before they cause damage. This allows the company to run smoothly while having peace of mind that they are protected. ATP is a prime example of Microsoft’s Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection or in short. Built on Windows 10 devices the software employs cloud AI and machine learning algorithms to detect vulnerabilities and threat configurations. More User-Friendly AI Platforms With Increased Adoption AI can seem frightening. It is a complex and new technology making it more difficult and slow for agencies to adopt. However circumstances are changing: according to a Gartner survey 37 of businesses surveyed have implemented AI in their company by this year and this number is growing. Thanks to the release of more user-friendly AI software it focuses on compatibility and displaying data in a noncomplex manner. Users of these tools do not need to be experts in machine learning and AI to integrate them with campaigns and easy to read data outputs. With simple interfaces and straightforward dashboards most agencies can take advantage of artificial intelligence without being threatened. Conclusion AI is a game-changer. Although it is several decades old it has only recently been adopted by a wide range of businesses and industries worldwide. Identifying and investing in AI trends can put your company one step ahead of competitors when it comes to achieving high levels of productivity. One of the first trends to consider leverage is Predictive Analytics. Through big data and machine learning it helps companies evaluate better solutions and decisions. Similarly disorder detection is used to find opportunities and weak points in an organization to

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2/12/2020 Top Artificial Intelligence trends in 2020 - venkat k - Medium 4/4 grow and protect assets. AI is taking an approach with machine learning to be smarter in detecting cybersecurity threats. As AI adopts more and more we are looking at case studies and examples that will not only enhance the complex operations of this but also the everyday human side of running the business. Ai Trends Ai Trends In 2020 Aiservice Aisolutions Mlservices About Help Legal

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