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Video Games: Full Body Interaction:

Video Games: Full Body Interaction By Matthew DeAngelo

The Beginning:

The Beginning Magnavox Odyssey Ralph Baer Released in August of 1972

1st Gen: 1972-1975:

1 st Gen: 1972-1975 Games Table Tennis (Pong) Shooting Gallery Basketball

2nd Gen: 1976-1984:

2 nd Gen: 1976-1984 Games Asteroid Breakout Donkey Kong Consoles Atari 2600 Fairchild Channel F

3rd Gen: 1983-1992:

3rd Gen: 1983-1992 Series Super Mario Brothers Metal Gear The Legend of Zelda Consoles NES Sega

4th Gen: 1987-1996:

4 th Gen: 1987-1996 Series Star Fox Sonic the Hedgehog Consoles Sega Genesis SNES Game Boy

5th Gen: 1993-2006:

5 th Gen: 1993-2006 Games Metal Gear Solid The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Consoles Playstation Nintendo 64 Game Boy Color

6th Gen: 1998-:

6 th Gen: 1998- Games Kingdom Hearts Halo Super Smash Bros Melee Consoles Playstation 2 Gamecube Xbox Game Boy Advance

7th Gen: 2004-:

7 th Gen: 2004- Consoles Wii Playstation 3 Xbox 360 PSP Nintendo DS

8th Gen: 2011-:

8 th Gen: 2011- Console Nintendo 3DS Announced Wii U PSP Vita

Microsoft Kinect:

Microsoft Kinect Video Capture Camera Hands Free Motion Detection Infrared lasers Voice Recognition Multi Array Microphone Widely Available for use with Xbox 360


VirtuSphere Movement Sphere mounted on base for a 360 degree range of motion Motion sensors mounted on base keep track of spheres' movement Headset Allows the player to see the game world as if they were in it 3D Sensor mounted to keep track of point of view Not widely available

What if?:

What if?

What if?:

What if?

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