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Installing an antenna in the southerly side for satellite installation. Working for installation at your location, on the roof, and outside area. Observing all the areas prone to electrical hazards and working on safe areas to avoid accidents. During drilling, the technician observes all the gas lines, water pipes or hidden electrical wires. It works with a power cable for proper drilling. Installer portrays his/her dedication in work by inserting coaxial cables through interior walls, foundation or underfloor . Work of US Cable Connection Technician

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All the functions of a DirecTV installation must perform on grounds. Avoid installing satellite Tv in bad weather, (in a rainy, snowy or stormy day). Assure that you are working in an area where people and pets are not allowed. Use a small mirror in installation, if you are mounted at heights. You must watch hidden power lines before installing Directv . Safety Guidelines for Technician

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Tools used for DirecTV Satellite Installation Routing Cable  Antenna Cable Nut-driver Adjustable Wrench Magnetic Compass

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US Cable Connection is an amazing service provider. Our technicians are perfect at their work. They follow safety guidelines while inserting a Directv satellite installation Our motive is to upgrade your entertainment world.

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