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Ever heard of Talking CCTVs? Amazing isn't it? Read this presentation and know more on how cctvs cameras can talk and deter potential criminals. This trivia brought to you by


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CCTVs are a common sight, but have you ever had the chance to talk to one? In Wiltshire and other areas in the UK, there are "talking CCTVs" that will tell suspected criminals to stop whatever it is they are doing.

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Operators of CCTV cameras are tasked to warn people around the monitored area if they are suspected of vandalism, theft, or loitering. Some even use pre-recorded messages that warn people to leave an area and that their photographs are being taken and sent for processing if they do not leave.

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About Us USA Security Systems Technologies , a division of Aegis Electronic Group, Inc. , was launched in 2004 as a premier online distributor of high quality name brand professional and consumer audio and video, security and surveillance products at discounted pricing. The company’s main objective is to help protect their establishments from safety and security hazards, as well as to be able to monitor business operations from multiple locations. Some of the company’s clients include, but are not limited to educational and governmental institutions, penitentiaries, border protection agencies, traffic and law enforcement agencies, sporting events, broadcasting networks, and more. With a strong reputation for its reliability, quick shipping and good customer service, USA Security Systems combines easy to use software with state of the art hardware, offering integrators, OEMs and consumers the complete tools needed to reduce development costs and delivery times. It is our goal to provide products you need to simplify and quickly resolve your audio/video and security/surveillance needs.

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