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There are various kind of pawn loan currently practised in market. Checkout this presentation which states what is a tool pawn.


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What is a Pawn Loan • A pawn loan is where the customer brings in an item for collateral to gain a temporary loan. You will be given a short-term loan typically a 1-month period for the value that has been assessed and the item will be held securely in the shop. After that month has elapsed you can repay the value of the loan plus interest and retrieve your item or you can elect to extend the term of the loan. • 2

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Tools Pawn Shop We specialize in buying and selling equipment of all shapes and sizes. When you bring your equipment in our brokers will assess the value of your equipment and offer you a fair price. 3

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Tools Were Interested In We will consider buying pawning or trading for any of the following items: • Chainsaws Table Saws and Band Saws • Drills Routers and Other Power Tools • Landscaping Equipment Including Lawnmowers and Leaf Blowers • Large Workshop Equipment • Antiques and Vintage Equipment • And So Much More 4

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Thank You USA PAWN SHOP Phone 601·501·7296 Website https://www.usapawn.com/

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