Products Available at USA Pawn


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We deal in pawning many things. Here we have listed all items we deal and pawn. Visit www.usapawn to get quick cash against your unused products.


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Products Available at USA Pawn

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COINS  We offer fair value when you pawn silver coins at one of our shops. For example we pay approximately 80 for a roll of pre-1965 dimes which has a face value of 5. Also we pay approximately 180 for a roll of pre-1965 quarters which has a face value of 10.  If you have other coins that contain different precious metals like gold and platinum we’d be interested in taking a look at them. These precious metals are extremely valuable and you stand to make a hefty profit over face value by selling or trading them. Alternatively if you’re merely looking for a short-term loan then these coins that contain precious metals can serve as excellent collateral for a pawn loan.

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COMPUTERS  Electronics We Accept We consider buying and selling a wide variety of different items including:  Laptops and Desktop Computers  DVD and Blu-ray Players  Gaming Consoles like Xbox One PS4 and Wii U  Flat-Screen Televisions  Tablets and Mobile Devices  Cameras and Video Recorders  Stereos and Other Sound Systems  And Much More

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JEWELRY  What Jewelry Items We Take We’re willing to look at anything you might have as we buy and sell any of the following items: Rings Necklaces Bracelets Earrings And More

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PRECIOUS METALS  Our shop has been in business for a long time and over our many years we’ve developed a reputation in the community that’s second to none.  Our staff approaches the pawning process with the customer in mind we will never shortchange you.  You won’t find another shop that offers better customer service and highest value for your items.

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GUNS  What Guns We Take Into Consideration We’re interested in guns of all shapes and sizes including:  Pistols  Rifles  Shotguns  Antique Firearms  Military-Grade Equipment  And More

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INSTRUMENTS  Instruments We Accept We’re happy to buy sell and trade almost any instrument including:  Guitars Acoustic and Electric  Bass  Trumpets  Drums  Cymbals  Flutes  Violins  And More

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