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Being one of the largest global provider of Import-Export data, provides a comprehensive trade detail which is entirely based on the import and export bill, drafted with the reports from Indonesian Customs.


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INDONESIA pushed the export as the trade war started

Major Export Partners:

Major Export Partners China Japan United States India Singapore South Korea Malaysia 2

Major Import Partners :

Major Import Partners Thailand Malaysia China Philippines Singapore Japan India 3

Major Import Products:

Major Import Products Coal Briquettes Petroleum Gas Copper Ore Gold Major Export Products Equipment Chemical Fuel and Foodstuff Oil and Gas Electrical Appliances Plywood 4

World Trade Ranking:

World Trade Ranking The country stands on 29 th rank in the world export market and it stand on 27 th rank in the world import market Trade Facts Indonesia is the country with the 17% of the trade and growth market in UK. Indonesia has a mixed economy with both private and government sector, and this help in growth of the trade statics . Indonesia is focusing on long-term strategic and structural development challenges as it strives to transition to an upper middle-income country. 5

Trade Growth:

Trade Growth In 2011 growth reached 6.5 per cent and yet the country still has unemployment of seven per cent with nearly a seventh of its population living below the poverty line In recent years Indonesia’s fortunes have improved significantly with growth averaging six per cent a year spurred on by improvements in domestic consumption and the banking sector. The main UK exports are organic chemicals, industrial machinery, power generation equipment, metal ores and scrap, pulp and waste paper and oils and perfume materials. UKTI has identified specific opportunities for British businesses in infrastructure projects such as ports, airports, rail as well as mining, life sciences, financial services, oil and gas, power generation and renewable energies. 6

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