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Global Inteligencie of PANAMA:

Global Inteligencie of PANAMA

Import and Export Partners:

Import and Export Partners Import:- United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Hong Kong. Export:- Sweden, Costa Rica, China, Japan, Netherlands.

Major Import and Export Products:

Major Import and Export Products IMPORT EXPORT Crude Oil - Bananas - Timber - Coffee Beef - Clothes - Chicken - Shrimp Corn - Sugar - Clothes - Cocoa Beans

Key Features of PANAMA Market :

Key Features of PANAMA Market Agro and fisheries sector made the 7.5% market of the country. Panama traders use colon free trade zone, world biggest free trade zone in the world. Panama trade growth is fueled up by construction sector, transportation and other government promotional activities.

Connectivity With Other Countries:

Connectivity With Other Countries Panama trade has gown due to the connectivity of road between the neighboring countries. In between 2009- 2014 drastic change in the growth of economy the percentage growth rate of the country has increased up to 15.6%.


Summary In conclusive words we can say that the Panama trade condition is been better in last two decades and the growth of import and export got increased due to the free hand in trade. Also the country has taken major step towards the growth of the country overall trade development.

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