PUMA meets Friends Vienna


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PUMA meetsfriends Vienna 11.06.0819:00-23:00

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Exclusive Party for Friends Regular customers CoolPeople Real puma cats

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FreeIce sticks Served out of a puma ice bike

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We even had a Lottery … About 80 customers took their chance

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Turkey vs. Switzerland live on 4 big flat screens

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That was our flyer

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And now : Some pictures from the party

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That was the fun part …. But what was the outcome ?

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MUltisales : 48,38% atv : 65,95€ upt : 2,57 Net sales : 6.133€

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Special thanks go toNiki (house society)Benjamin nolde (puma marketing)Nora schreier (puma marketing)Birgit (Doc lx)Goran (for the wonderful pictures)Cay taylan (for spreading the word)Fehrit (for the free drinks)Philipp (for the technical support)…… And to the PUMA CONCEPT STORe team

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