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ISO 45001 provides a structured framework for managing the prevention of work-related injury and ill health. This standard is intended to help organisations, regardless of size or industry, in designing systems to proactively prevent injury and ill health.


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ISO 45001Certification for Occupational Health Safety Management System OHSMS ISO 45001 standards will become a requirement for all types of organizations irrespective of their size nature or geography. It can be implemented in Hospitals health care Industries Manufacturing companies service providers Construction Industry in India. ISO 45001 Certification is an assurance taken by the organization to maintain a safe and secure working environment. The prime agenda of this ISO standard is to prevent damage of atmosphere or equipment and ensure safety of workers and office. All type Industry or companies have its own risk implicated which implemented as per law it is the obligation of employers to address and restrict. It has been seen that worker union plays an important role in accomplishment laws related to employee safety in place and forcefully letting employers to implement it. Benefits of Implementing ISO 45001 Standard • Reduced to Workplace Incidents • Reduced to cost of Insurance premium • Management responsibility for energy management • Reduced absenteeism employee retention rate also increased which lead to increasing productivity • To improve OHS performance leadership commitment proactively reinforced. • Staff Morale has also been boosted up • Legal and regulatory meet the staff requirement • To Build Organizations “Best practices” it creates consistency throughout • Better Identification of risk and Hazards • Transforms operations from detection to prevention mode • Increasing the aware about the risks of OHS OHSMS Points the help to associations representatives and others so as to make protected and healthy workplaces and forestalls the work resourced wounds mishaps including demise and occupational-professional illnesses and give a chance to ceaseless improvement of Benefits. Can empower associations to give sheltered and healthy working environments avoid business related damage and sick health by overseeing OHSMS dangers and constantly improve their OHSMS execution.

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For all approaches it is one size fits system has been designed for any Organization. The framework has been formed in such a way to identify and controls health and safety risks reduce workplace accidents legislative compliance aids introduced which improves the overall performance of the Organization. To protect their brands now more and more companies want detailed information about their suppliers’ occupational health and safety best practices. This standard does not state any specific criteria for the performance of OHS nor does it design the management system of OHSMS. All standard enables the Organization through the management of OHSMS to integrate the other aspects of health and safety which includes worker wellbeing and wellness. To systematically improve the part or whole of occupational health and safety management the standard can be used. Conformity claims to this document are not acceptable unless all requirements are incorporated into the OHS management system of an organization. Who should get this Certificate Company of any size should get benefit by implementing a system that aligns with the principles of OHS standard. The reason being it is built around best practices in health and safety and in the coming years it will become the primary global workplace safety standard.

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URS India is providing a certificate to their clients for more details please visit our website and also stay tuned for more Insights on the standards.

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