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The product meets the requirements of the relevant European product directives


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A Brief Study about CE marking We almost everyone has seen the word CE marked on various products in the market. The word CE printed is the abbreviation of the French Phrase Conformité Européene" which translates to European Conformity. Since 1985 this is the compulsory conformity marking for regulating the quality of goods sold within the European economic area. The marking symbolizes that the products comply with the EU’s new approach directives. The marking is worldwide recognized whether it is unfamiliar with EEA How does the CE mark work When a product has a CE marking it simply pimples that: ● The product meets the requirements of the relevant European product directives ● Aligns the relevant recognized European harmonized performance and safety standards. ● The product is completely fit and safe for use. It will not endanger the lives or property. Principles of CE marking: There are certain principles that are followed for the CE marking: 1. It has to be only affixed only by the manufacturer or the authorized representatives. 2. The marking is only eligible for the product affixed manufactured by the company and shall not be affixed to any other product. 3. The affixing of CE marking makes sure that the manufacturer takes the responsibility for the conformity of the product. All the requirements set up by the community harmonization legislation are met. 4. The product markings or inscriptions that are likely to mislead the third parties for interpretation of the CE marking is prohibited. Benefits of CE marking The CE marking gives permission to sell the product in the countries of the European economic area. Implementing the requirements makes sure that the product is safer and more reliable. The chances of customer dissatisfaction are reduced to a great extent with CE marking. The major benefit of CE marking is that there is only a particular set of requirements and standards that are to be met by the company for the entire EEA. This acts as a trade passport and allows the manufacturers to freely sell the product throughout 30 countries of EAA. CE marking process:

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To get the CE marking one has to follow a dedicated process: ● Get to know the directives that are applicable to the product ● Learn about the conformity assessment procedure for your product and directive ● Schedule the dates to take action ● Identify the harmonized European standard that is eligible for the product ● Make sure that the product meets all the essential requirements of the Directives ● Get to know if any independent assessment of the conformity for your products requires a notified body like BSI ● Keep the technical documentation handy that is required for the Directives. ● Make the supporting evidence like a declaration for the conformity ● Contact the body for product testing ● If all the requirements are met then you can affix the CE mark on your product

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