ISO 22000 Food safety management

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ISO 22000 Food Safety Management :

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ISO 22000 – FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT ISO 22000 is certification issued with regards to the food safety management systems. It aims at justifying confidence that all the required measures to ensure food safeties throughout the links are adhered to . An ISO 22000 certification reflects the ability of the certified organization to provide safe food products. Such products are certified to be in accordance with legislation and consumer needs. The focus of this standard is also high on continuous improvements along the food supply chains.

What is Food Safety Management and Why Do We Need It?:

What is Food Safety Management and Why Do We Need It? Food Safety and Hygiene becomes an emerging demand in the food industry and is a universal concern. Therefore, maintaining food safety & hygiene is a compelling requisite for food entrepreneurs to sustain in today’s competitive market. The food safety management system identifies, evaluates, and controls food hazards, at all levels of the food supply chain; be it during ingredient supply, food preparation, packaging, storage, transportation, etc.

Why is Food Safety Management Imperative? :

Why is Food Safety Management Imperative ? Food safety and hygiene  are crucial to reducing the risk of food-borne illnesses that may cause through biological hazards such as pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and parasites, or chemical hazards or natural toxins. If the food safety guidelines are not followed precisely, people can fall sick and may even lead to death. If the food is improperly stored, handled, cooked, or refrigerated, bacteria can grow leading to food contamination. At times, there would be issues like product recall, where seller may request consumers to return a product after the discovery of any product defects or safety issues that might endanger the consumer or put the seller at risk of legal action

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