ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security


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ISO 27001 is the standard that is applicable for the organizations as it deals with the organizations’ information security.


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ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security The most essential asset of any organization regardless of its genre is the world of data. Any stakeholder would demand and expect confidentiality along with availability of the data whenever required and it would be a devastating scenario if any company finds their data has been stolen or hacked. Information security is crucial in today Internet of things era. ISO 27001 is the standard that is applicable for the organizations as it deals with the organizations’ information security. Information Security Management System is the structured and systematic approach taken by the organization to handle the sensitive information of a company in the most secure manner. ISO 27001 provides with the need for implementing establishing maintaining and continuously enhancing the information security management system. ISO 27001 is the Information Safety Management System which is issues by International Electro technical Commission and International Organization of Standardization. URS offers the ISO 27001 certification to the companies throughout India. Why Companies Need ISO 27001 Certification This standard will become helpful for your company to coordinate with all the security efforts both physically and electronically. Moreover this standard is a confirmation to the customers that you have taken all the security protocols seriously. It also provides the

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assurance that the company follows a cost effective and consistent approach for information management. There are several advantages of carefully managing the company’s information. Company’s Benefit:  Reduction in the cost as it avoids bad incidents  Operations will run seamlessly as all the processes and responsibilities are predefined  Maintain a great image in the market as customers will feel your company is reliable and will have peace of mind  Risk of negative PR reduces to a huge extent Customer Benefits:  When customers comes in touch with a reliable provide that is able to regulate its integrity to safeguard their data  Gives confidence throughout the food supply chain that results in great supplier and customer relationships. Staff Benefits:  Abiding by the internal regulation means the chances of accidental exposure are much lower for the employees to sensitive or confidential information.  Provides reassurance that the employer is abiding and meeting the security guidelines  Precisely and clearly defines the responsibilities which as a result increase the job satisfaction among the employees and productivity of the company. Organization of all sizes and types can apply for the certification and the ISO 27001 certification from URS is an indication that the company has adhered to the International Security Aspects along with the offers. There are several other value added auditing services offered by URS while ISMS auditing. UKAS is officially recognized as ISO Certification body therefore the ISO 27001 certification are being issued by URS. ISO Certified Companies can use “URS and UKAS Logo” as logo regulations and certification. All the certification provided by URS is worldwide accepted.

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