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Urgent Tech Help discussed regarding computer generation and introduction of hardware in our previous document. Here we have discussed about computer hardware one step ahead. Those who want to know about computer just go through this document.


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How To Know About Your Computer Hardware:

How To Know About Your Computer Hardware

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Computer Hardware A physical and touchable parts of a computer that means the parts can be visible and touched.

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Computer Input Devices We have mentioned few of them :

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Computer Output Devices Computer Output Devices are given bellow :- Headphones Monitor Plotter Printer Projector Speakers

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Computer Memory Basically Computer are two types :- Primary Memory Secondary Memory A memory is simply sort of a human mind. It’s accustomed store knowledge and directions. Computer memory is that the space for storing in pc wherever knowledge is to be processed and directions needed for process are hold on. The memory is split into sizable amount of little elements known as cells.

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No. Primary Memory Secondary Memory 1) These square measure semiconductor memories These square measure magnetic and optical memories 2) It’s referred to as main memory It’s referred to as backup memory 3) This is a volatile memory This is a non-volatile memory 4) Information is vanished just in case of power-cut Information still placed just in case of power-cut. 5) It is quicker than secondary memories It is slower than primary memories 6)

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