Reclaimed Living furniture


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At Urban Wood Goods we celebrate the beauty and history of Old Growth wood in each piece of reclaimed wood furniture we create.For more info visit on our website.


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Reclaimed Living furniture

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About Us Caring for your reclaimed wood furniture is very much a matter of preference. It has already survived a century or more of weathering so your decision on how to treat it will have much to do with how you use your furniture and your personal preference on look and feel. You may choose to leave the wood in its natural, salvaged unsealed state or want to know what options we offer.

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Urban Loft Coffee Table Rustic appeal with mid-century flair. The rustic elegance of this simple modern coffee table pairs well with a variety of living room interior styles. Each table is handcrafted out of old growth reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from a midwestern barn, home or other structure.

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Modern Architect Coffee Table Vintage inspired reclaimed wood coffee table with salvaged wood top and A Frame steel legs. Each coffee table is handmade by one of our skilled woodcrafters out of salvaged old growth wood floor joists that have come from deconstructed homes and barns from around the midwestern US.

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Sustainable Steel Coffee Table Our Sustainable Urban Wood and Steel Coffee Table is a two tiered or two shelved coffee table that is sure be the focal point of your living room. Rich in color and character this table is perfect for using storage baskets or leave it bare to show the beautiful old growth wood grains

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Contact Us Urban Wood Goods Showroom 3006 Central St. , 2nd Floor Evanston IL 60201

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Thank You!!!

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