What Happens If You Don’t Get An Oil

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Getting your car oil changed is important. Your car oil does a lot for keeping your car operational. It is the major lubricator that carries heat away from the engine.


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What Happens If You Don’t Get An Oil Change:

What Happens If You Don’t Get An Oil Change

Late Oil Change:

Late Oil Change Have you ever thought why an  engine oil change  is given so much importance when it comes to the maintenance of your car? Most of the people just go with the old-time saying that you need to change your car oil every 3,000 miles. However, why you should do it is never bothered to be answered.  When the oil runs around the engine, it also lubricates other components of the engine. If you ignore timely oil change, then there are certain outcomes that you’ll have to face. First, let us discuss some major details and importance of oil change so that you’ll better understand what will happen in case of a  late oil change .

How Many Miles Until Oil Change:

How Many Miles Until Oil Change The initial recommended miles for an oil change is 3000, however, many experts recommend a longer period at the present. The type and quality of the oil you choose for your car is a great determinant of how long can it go with the oil. Top brands like Ford have shifted their recommended interval to 7500 miles by 2008. If you are using high-quality synthetic oil, it can last for up to 10,000 miles without any change. 

What Happens If You Don’t Change Oil:

What Happens If You Don’t Change Oil Oil is as essential for your car’s engine as water is to your body. To keep all your engine parts working meticulously, you need to focus on the maintenance of your vehicle. If you delay changing the oil when needed, the following are some of the problems your car will have: Poor Engine Performance Oil does not only keeps your engine lubricated but clean as well. With time, your fuel filter starts getting clogged with dirt, grime, and debris. When you go for an oil replacement, all the dirt is removed with the flow of oil. When you don’t change the oil the fuel filter circulates all the dirt back to the engine, resultantly, the oil gets mixed with dirt and sludge; affecting the overall performance of your engine.


Affect On Engine Parts When the oil is constantly running your engine, it gets thick and dirty. Slowly, it will lose its ability to resist any heat. With that happening, your engine part will start to face wear and tear because when the engine heats up, the parts also suffer. The parts will still work, but not for long. You will not even know and the engine will be taking its last breaths.  Engine Heats Up More If you have struggled with a car breakdown in the middle of the road because the  engine got heated up , you should know how important oil change is. When the engine is not getting enough lubrication, it will become a barrier for it to run efficiently. It can make the engine heat up so severely that it will just burn down. So, if you don’t want to jump out of your car to save your life, change its oil regularly.  Complete Engine Failure You know how expensive a new engine is, don’t you? The worst that can happen with you is that your engine dies. Negligence in oil changing can lead to your car’s doom and you will end up spending thousands of dollars to make your car run on the roads again.


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