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EHS Management in Construction Talk on


SESSION COVERAGE What is mean by Safety Challenges in Construction Industry Govt. concern on EHS Control Measures Case Study.

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1. What is meant by Safety

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Safety It is nothing but freedom from; ACCIDENT Stickman Preventing trip

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Accident Unplanned, unexpected event which result in Injury / Ill Health to People Damage / Loss to property, Plants, Materials Damage / loss to Environment Loss of Business opportunity

Hazard :

Hazard HAZARD & RISK Hazard means anything that can cause harm (e.g. electricity, working at height, etc.) RISK Risk is the chance, high or low, that somebody will be harmed by the hazard.

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Example of Hazard & Risks 01) A rotating machine with no guard What is the risk of a machine with no guard Personal injury 02) A lion out of his cage What is the risk of a lion out of his cage Injury or killed people 03) An open trench with no barrier What is the risk of open trench People, Vehicles & Animals could fall in and get injury/damaged. Signage Quiz

Path of Accident:

Path of Accident Hazard/ Risk Accident WORK Barriers or Controls DISASTER VIOLATION ERROR + =

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First-aid treatment Hospitalization Medicine Transporting the victim Travel / Fooding expenses for attendee, relatives Travel cost by site personnel Travel cost for HQ/RO personnel Cost of re-work done Penalty put by client/consultant Other misc. expenses Idle charges for P&M Idle payment for workmen, supervisors Idle payment through staff salary Invoice opportunity lost Charges of legal fees Expenses made on legal proceedings DIRECT COST INDIRECT COST

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Injury Loss of Limb / life Loss of Pay Down Morale / confidence Future Employment Problem Self Esteem Social Recognition Effects of Accident on a Person

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WHY ? Human Suffering Job Security Reputation Statutory Requirement Cost Quality Productivity SAFETY

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2. Challenges in Construction

Some facts of construction:

Some facts of construction Construction sector is very essential - integral part of Nation’s infrastructure development - tremendous boost to country’s economy. Registered enormous growth worldwide in recent years. Still labour intensive compared to other sectors. In India 33 million people engaged in construction which is next to agriculture.

Some facts of construction…..contd:

Workmen are being exposed to wide variety of OSH hazards. The rate of fatal accident is 4 to 5 timers that of manufacturing sector. Serious potential of fire due to storage & use of flammable mat. Potential for disasters due to collapse of the structures & subsidence of the soil on which the construction activity is being carried out. Some facts of construction….. contd

Statistics of Construction:

Annual turnover : Rs . 3921 billion Contribution of GDP : 6.2 % Employment : 33 million workers Engineers : 4.7 % Technicians & Foreman : 2.5 % Skilled Workers : 73.1 % Annual growth : 8 % (Targeted) Statistic of Construction (Source : CIDC Country Report 2009 -2010) Statistics of Construction

High rise construction in early 19th Century:

High rise construction in early 19 th Century Riveting Lifting Supervising

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Inspection Slinging Lifting

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3. Govt. concern about Safety

Classification of Industrial Safety Acts:

Classification of Industrial Safety Acts Based on condition of work Factory : Factory Act - 1948 Mines : Mines Act - 1952 Ports & Docks : Dock Act - 1986 Construction : BOCW Act - 1996

Governing Authorities :

Governing Authorities Factory Act Ministry of Industries Mines Act Dock & Port Act BOCW Act Ministry of Mines Ministry of Dock & Ports Ministry of Labour

BOCW Act - 1996:

BOCW Act - 1996 Applicability : Every establishment which employs, or had employed on any day of the preceding 12 months, 10 or 10 < workers directly or through a Contractor / Subcontractor. Exemption : Any building or Construction work to which Factories Act, 1948 or Mines Act, 1952 apply.

Basic Aspects of BOCW Act ( Rules : 252, Schedules : 12 ):

Basic Aspects of BOCW Act ( Rules : 252, Schedules : 12 ) Management set-up : Role & Responsibilities Safety : General & Specific work conditions Health Provisions Welfare Measures Penalty Clause

General working conditions:

General working conditions Dust Protection Load carrying capacity Eye Protection Fall Protection

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Electrical Protection Road Safety Vehicular Safety General working conditions

Responsibilities & Duties:

Responsibilities & Duties Architects & Designers : Ensure safety at planning & design stage. Employers : Comply with the requirements of rules. Workers : Comply with the requirements of rules.


OTHER LAWS & RULES Hazardous substance handling activities : Explosive Act – 1884 ( SMPV Rules-1981, Gas Cylinder Rules-2004 ) Petroleum Act – 1934 Hazardous Activities : Indian Electricity Act - 2003 Radiological Protection Rules. Indian Boiler Act – 1923


OTHER LAWS & RULES Environment Protection : Environment protection Act - 1986 ( MSIHC Rules, Haz. Waste Rules, Chem. accd. Rules, Bio-medical waste Rules, Noise Pollution Rules, Central Motor Vehicle Rules.) Water Act - 1974 Air Act - 1981 Social Security : Workmen compensation Act - 1923 Employee state insurance Act - 1948

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4. Control Measures

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Height Work : 58 % Electricity usage : 11 % Excavation : 04 % Vehicle usage : 11 % Running m/c : 09 % Others : 07 % Hazards in Construction

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Natural Hazards Earthquake Zones of India (Source:, 2010) Wind and Cyclone Zones of India (Source:,)

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Flood Affected Areas of India (Source :,2010) Natural Hazards

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Top Violations at Site Cement storage – Loading against wall, loading up to the ceiling Gas cylinder kept horizontally anywhere

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Access to child Bad hand tools

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Unsafe ladder Unsafe access

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Unsafe sitting places Unsafe sleeping place

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Bad illumination Ventilation

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Unsafe mechanical material handling equipment Misuse

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CONTROL HIERARCHY HIERARCHY OF RISK CONTROL Elimination – process of removing hazard from workplace (excavation) Substitution – use of new substance instead of harmful chemical (lead less paint) Isolation – mechanical / electrical isolation of eqpt . / machinery (PH gate) Engineering Control - Change in design of plant, eqpt , process (pick-n carry crane) Administrative Control – Site EHS rules & regulations Physical Protection – Hard barricading, net, guard etc. Procedural Protection – LOTO system Educational Protection – skill up gradation programme (Carpenter, Rigger, Welder, Gas-cuter, Scaffolder etc.) PPEs’ – last line of defense

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Safety Journey of L&T ECC Full fledged safety department in 1980’s Uniform safety management systems certified to ISO 9001 since 1999 Well equipped HSE manual with norms & Standards More than 500 EHS staff Continually improving EHS Performance

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EHS Performance IC Wise (Apr ’10 – Mar’ 11)

EHS Policy – Our Philosophy:

All adverse Environment Impacts & accidents are preventable. No task is so important that risk of injury to people is justified. Working safely is a condition of employment Safety is a top driven function EHS Policy – Our Philosophy

EHS Management at L&T:

EHS Management at L&T Certified Integrated Management System for EHS OHSAS : 18001 ISO : 14001 ISO 9001 : 2008 National & International Awards for best EHS performance from NSC, BSC & RoSPA. Pioneers of Safety In Construction Industry in India

Requirement of Safety Officer:

Requirement of Safety Officer Qualified Safety Officer must be deployed by an industry. For Production industries: 1 Safety Officer for 1000 workmen For Construction industries: 1 Safety Officer for 500 workmen Qualification : Diploma / Degree Engg. With ADIS course ADIS conducted by Govt. & private recognized institutes

Salient EHS Management Systems:

Salient EHS Management Systems Project EHS Plan EHS Risk Assessment Safe Work Method (SOP) Work Permit System Scaffold tag procedure LOTO Equipment Fitness Certificate Screening of Workmen EHS Induction for all Pre-employment Med. Check Visitor Induction PEP Talk Daily Safety Pledge Skill based EHS Training Inspection of P&M, Elect, Health ..) EHS Audits Key Performance Indicator Subcontractors Evaluation Incident Investigation & Analysis Monthly Motivation Scheme for Workmen, Subcontractors Violation Memo & Penalty Bi-annual EHS Rolling Trophy Scheme Merit Certificates Planning & Control Deployment & Training Measurement & Monitoring Reward & Reprimand

Basic Principles:

Basic Principles Safety in the workplace is a combination of three measurable components: the Person , their Environment , and their Behavior . Workplace accidents can be eliminated, only when these three elements are controlled & combined.

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The Person component consist of the employees: Physical capabilities Experience, Skill and Training

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The work Environment represents: Engineering Controls, Equipment, Job task, and The work culture

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The final, most often overlooked component is Behavior what the person does on the job.

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5. Case Study

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Failure Story : Legal Implications Fly over collapse Company : XXXX Year : 2007 Location : Hyderabad Fatality : 19 nos. Legal Penalty : 02 Crores Fly over collapse Company : XXXX Year : 2008 Location : Delhi Metro Fatality : 03 nos. Legal Penalty : 20 Lacs

DMRC Case Study :

DMRC Case Study Contractor : XXXX Date of Accident : 12 July, 2009 Fatality : 06 Nos. Contractor : XXXX Date of Accident : December, 2008 Fatality : 03 Nos.




Conclusion The employer will no longer be able to continue his business and trade without implementing appropriate technology for ensuring Safe & Healthy Conditions of work for the workers & Clean General Environment to the public at large.

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Why Safety ….. Protect human life. Avoid Legal complications Avoid direct & indirect losses Increase productivity Professional requirement

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Review Accident : Effect, Path, Chain of Events What is Safety & Why Meaning of Hazard & Risk Hazards in Construction Industry Principle of Accident Control Government concern for Safety Basic principles of Safety Management Case Study.


Message…… Preventable Accidents, if not prevented due to our negligence, it is nothing short of a murder. - Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

Let us strive to curb UA & UC:

Let us strive to curb UA & UC because Your plans for tomorrow, depends on Safety today !!!

Safety Message………:

Safety Message………

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Thank You …

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