Popularity of Ghorepani Rhododendron and Mera Peak Trek for Trekkers


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who have gained vast experience by traveling across trekking peaks in Nepal, will overview on two of the popular mountain peaks named Mera Peak and Ghorepani Rhododendron Peak.


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Since many years Nepal has not only remained popular among worldwide tourists for acting as the home to famous Mount Everest but also for acting as home to many high mountain peaks which provide favorable conditions to enjoy mountain trek. In this article experts who havegained vast experience bytravelingacross trekking peaks in Nepal will overview ontwo ofthepopularmountainpeaksnamed Mera PeakandGhorepaniRhododendronPeak.

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Mera Peak Trek Mera trekking Peak or simply Mera Peak is one among the alluring trekking peaks found in Nepal. This involves cultural-based stimulating journey from various deep forests and remote type of picturesque villages. Excluding this majority of trekkers love to experience gentle climb toMeraPeaksummit. Most of the travelers call it as the highest possible trekking peak of Nepal. Climb to the Mera peak comes during the end of entire trekking to the region which goes for a period of about one week while touring companies design suitable acclimatization programs to provide touristswith excellent chances ofexperiencingsuccessful andenjoyable journey. Most of the ascent in Mera trekking Peak requires walking through the glaciers which demand trekkers to possess basic crampon and ice axe skills. In addition individuals will get countless opportunities to receive proficiencies at the lower region of Mera Glacier. Other than summit of about 6431 meters peak climbing requires a further ascent of 30 meters that too at about 60 degree of snow dome with the help of jumar and fixed rows based on specific snowconditions.

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Rhododendron Trek Majority of trek lovers call Rhododendron Trek of Nepal as Ghorepani Rhododendron Trek. Individuals should undertake this trek at the time of spring season as during that time the complete rhododendron forest remains in full bloomto cover themountainside as a whole. In addition this acts as relatively low altitude of trek but comprises of many spectacular sceneries andcountlessbeautiesassociated with theentireHimalayan region. Mountaineers or trekkers have to accomplish the aforementioned treek by following rice fields found in terraced forms above the pokhara region passion along Gurung villages picturesque and across various immense rhododendron forests. Best thing about the forest region found here is that it bursts during spring months to form hues of countless patterns. To get further details about treks and tours in Nepal you have to approach a good trekking company and arrange for necessary mountaineeringequipments.

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