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The company as a Talent Factory : 

The company as a Talent Factory “ Don’t lose business because of talent!!!” Based on web-site reading.

The idea… : 

The idea… With the current struggle to fill key positions and the difficulty to retain the company talents. Companies expansions growth etc became hard to achieve. As such there is a strong need to have a free-flowing pipeline of 1) current and future leaders , and 2) enough talents to fill current and future key positions a cross the organization.

Talent shortage… Why? : 

Talent shortage… Why? In addition to the normal causes of talent shortage ,e.g. high competition, shortage of specific talents, security etc; there are two main causes:- Talent development strategy is not synchronize / aligned with the business strategic goals. Company management do not have enough commitment to talent management. Therefore there is a need to establish a “Talent Factory” within the company to ensure business strategic objects are supported talent wise.

The main hints… : 

The main hints… Don’t lose business opportunities because of talent. A void getting involved in the “War of Talents”. If you can not a void the war make sure you “Survive” as no winner in such war.

Talent Factory Establishment in brief… : 

Talent Factory Establishment in brief… Build processes “functionality”: Have processes that will ensure putting the right employees with right skills in the right position at the right time. Communicate strategic objectives: Make sure your employees understand the company/dept. objectives. Educate them. Engage in complex challenging tasks: Help employees to advance, learn and gain experience. Give special attention to high-potential employees.

Establishment in brief…cont. : 

Establishment in brief…cont. d) Commitment Management should demonstrate commitment and assume real responsibilities by sponsoring different programs/projects in line with talents growth/development. e) Implementation strategy Management should make sure that each department has a “Talent Implementation Strategy” which shows clearly the link between the department growth/business plan and the employees development. f) Accountability hold each management member accountable for his department part of keeping the “Talent Factory” work efficiently.

Reminder with best wishes… : 

Reminder with best wishes… Do not forget to have a group of sr. management forming a “Factory Board” to look after this factory and have the right department to be in charge of running this factory and its head as a board member. …………………… Wishing you all the best in Establishing Your Talent Factory. Thank you,,,

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