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Extra Steps in Providing Excellent Services : 

Extra Steps in Providing Excellent Services Based on reading from the net.

Relations with Customers : 

Relations with Customers Customer relationships goes far beyond making a daily deal/sale. Providing and delivering positive work relation experience should be a long term objective that follows providing any product or service. Attracting and retaining customers should go hand on hand when dealing with current and new customers, and any kind of interaction between your staff and your customer should always have that in mind. The following are few hints to help you deliver a positive experience when dealing with your customers:-

Wear your customer hat : 

Wear your customer hat 1-You need to make the work with your customer an easy and a nice experience, make sure your work process are service oriented. 2-Wear the hat of your customer, put your self in their shoes and think of different ways that can improve the work relations/processes

Keep in touch : 

Keep in touch Find out ways to exceed the expectations of your customers by just asking your customers. What do they think of your product/ services. Ways that can improve working together. Use other means of communications :- Emails Telephone Calls Personal visit Research

More ways to keep in touch : 

More ways to keep in touch Think of your customers as partners then do different things to support this partnership. Examples:- Appreciate working with them and their efforts in this line. Keep them informed of your new product, services and events. Invite them to social events and gathering.

Reward and encouragements : 

Reward and encouragements Arrange an event for (excellent customers) , Reward individuals and groups creating positive working experience. Have fun with your customers.

Fast and effective problem solving : 

Fast and effective problem solving There will be always unsatisfied customers who are upset and/ or disappointed with the product / services . The question is:- How do you deal with it. Make sure you focus on their complaints, have positive actions, act quickly and effectively. And above all don’t forget to apologize for the inconvenient , making sure they feel your seriousness in dealing with the matter.

Summary : 

Summary Previous hints for sure will help making your customers happy and will strengthen the relationship with a guaranteed positive results.

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