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Working in anorganization where you have trust and empowerment is real FUN.


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WHY ? “The kind of thinking that lead to Past Success will not lead to Future Success.” Blanchard, Carlos & Rudolph, 1996

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In this world, and as we approached the twenty-first century : Stability is rare. Change is the normal phenomena Crises have different shapes. Talents is rare. Because

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Organization Elements of Success Customer driven Cost effective, Value management Fast and Flexible Continually improving Learning Organization Where to start ?

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Trust & Empowerment can be a real good start , it can be the Answer!!!

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Definitions: Trust, is the belief in the integrity, character and the ability of others and that it is the key to group effectiveness. Empowerment , is to enable, to allow, to permit others to:- be free to act and be accountable for results. to control, have authority to be responsible. People have plenty of Power in the wealth of their knowledge experience & motivation and empowerment is to let this power out.

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Trust is the principle of empowerment, and empowerment is the principle of SUCCESS. The foundational principle for every leadership level is trust. Techniques are relatively unimportant compared to trust. When trust is high, we communicate easily, effortlessly and instantaneously; but when trust is low communications is exhausting, time consuming and ineffective. “The empowering manager must be able to help establish and maintain not only the technical side of the information, but also an open climate to trust that enables information to move smoothly through the organization.” Hints...

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When can you Empower Others? It all begins with the degree of the power you hold. Your connection to lines of supply, information and support. Only if you are powerful you will then delegate, reward talent, and build a team composed of powerful employees in their own right. HOW ?

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Start with information Give employees the full information to act, then look for the magic to happen. You have to show employees that you trust them by sharing full information. Provide all information related to their function so they can take important decisions that have to be taken to serve the customer, ensure quality and make a profit for the company. THEN ?

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Give employees important tasks to handle their critical issues. Give employees discretion & autonomy over their tasks and resources. Give visibility to others and recognize their efforts. Build relation ships with others, connecting them with powerful employees/people and finding them sponsors and mentors. Some extra methods...

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Continuous improvement in the workplace systems and process. The interest of the organization becomes the first priority. Organization will cope easily with today’s increasingly, complex and dynamic changing world. Benefits to the Organization

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They will have greater sense of purpose in their jobs. They will bring their best ideas and initiative. The will be in a workplace that has a sense of Excitement, Ownership and Pride. They will be able to carry out responsibilities. It will be real FUN… Benefits to the Employees

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Thank You.

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