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Uni-Mech Industries is a focuses on developing innovative equipments used in pharmaceutical and chemical engineering manufacturing. The company endeavors to develop process reaction equipments where Gas – liquid reactions are involved in product development. The company has been inexistence for more than two decades, in which we have become a renowned hydrogenator manufacturer in India as well as other innovative and efficient equipments such as autoclaves, filtration equipments and reactors. We are also among the leading homogenizer manufacturers in India.


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Uni-Mech Industries is a company that focuses on developing innovative equipments used in pharmaceutical and chemical engineering manufacturing. The company endeavours to develop process reaction equipment's where Gas – liquid reactions are involved in product development. Uni-Mech Industries +91-9374623907


We aim to be a leader in production of chemical process equipments for various industries such as pharmaceutical, agrochemicals and food industries. Our Mission This has been achieved through intensive research and rigorous testing to develop high quality and long-lasting equipments . +91-9374623907


Our Products +91-9374623907 Our products are developed in strict adherence to global standards such as ASME, BS and cGMP standards. Key products include- Process Reaction Filtration & Separation Equipments Evaporation & Drying Equipments Heat Transfer Equipments Size Reduction & Mass Mixing Equipments Process System Storage Equipments


Our reactor or autoclave has a sturdy design with exceptional workmanship and efficiency, with ability to handle pressure exceeding 100 bars. Reactor / Autoclave It is Suited for reactions like hydrogenation, oxidation, alkylation, chlorination, polymerization and many more. +91-9374623907


Uni-Mech offers following equipment in Filtration & Separation Technology Filtration & Separation Equipments +91-9374623907 Agitated Nutch Filter Vacuum Nutch Filter Centrifuge Agitated Nutch Filter Vacuum Nutch Filter Centrifuge


They are developed with advanced technology to deliver greater efficiency in chemical processes such as crystallization. Evaporation & Drying Equipments +91-9374623907 The critical importance of Evaporation & Drying Equipments is high product yield while minimizing the operational costs. They include - Rotary Vacuum Dryer Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer Drum Dryer/ Flaker Vacuum Tray Dryer


Rotary vacuum dryer is especially useful in drying of wet cakes, powders and slurry in industries. Rotary Vacuum Dryer +91-9374623907 Process occurs in vacuum hence rotary vacuum dryer is very good for heat sensitive products. Cakes Powders


Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer offers several advantages including efficient charging and discharge of materials and the dryer may be equipped with lump breakers, thus can process crystalline and amorphous powders. Roto Cone Vacuum Dryer +91-9374623907


The Drum Dryer equipment has high thermal efficiency and is widely used in manufacture of powder foods. Drum Dryer/ Flaker +91-9374623907


Vacuum Tray Dryer is useful in drying of thermo sensitive products and those polymerized or degraded at high temperature. Vacuum Tray Dryer +91-9374623907


Why to choose Uni-Mech Industries? We envision to reach the global market as the company of choice in supply of chemical manufacturing equipments , and to build long-term relationships with our clients, through excellent customer service, leading technology, and innovative designs, that will deliver efficiency and effectiveness in the chemicals industry. +91-9374623907


Contact Us 5401/A, G.I.D.C., Phase IV, Nr. Ramol Char Rasta, Vatva , Ahmedabad-382 445.Gujarat. (INDIA) UNI-MECH INDUSTRIES Mobile:- Address:- +91-9374623907 Email:- Landline:- +91-79–25841100 +91-9374623907

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