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Our goal is to bring both small and large technology companies together to stop patent trolls. Unified Patents help all companies in an effort to prevent litigation from patent trolls. For more information visit our website.


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ABOUT US Unified Patents, Inc. was formed to address the NPE (Non-Practicing Entity) litigation problem that is plaguing both large and small operating companies in various technology sectors. Unified Patents employs a unique, multi-faceted NPE-deterrent solution.


SOLUTION Benefits Consulting Portal Apix The Only Solution that fights Patent Trolls.


BENEFITS We partner large and small companies in similar technology areas (Zones) to reduce Troll activity through monitoring, market intelligence, analytic tools, prior art, claims analysis and USPTO challenges.


CONSULTING Unified Patents (through Unified Consulting) offers comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) services and expertise. The consulting services enable in-house IP departments to effectively execute programs, make better decisions on important IP matters, strategically align their patent portfolio with business interests, and successfully protect all forms of IP (including confidential information and trade secrets).


PORTAL PTAB CASES & CLAIMS ANALYTICS: Unified’s proprietary claim level analytics helps members optimize PTAB filings for successful outcomes.


APIX A dvanced  P atent  I nde x (APIX) is a new tool developed exclusively by Unified Patents to examine the probable validity of any granted patent in the US.


CONTACT US 2 North 1st Street. 5th Floor San Jose California United States 95113 +1 650-999-0889 info@unifiedpatents.com http://www.unifiedpatents.com/

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