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Join our specialized program to receive membership with patent troll insurance under $100 per month. We provide expert advice to protect you from patent infringement and litigation costs. Visit our website to know more!


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Patent Insurance:

P atent I nsurance

What is Patent insurance::

What is Patent insurance: Patent insurance is the insurance policy provided by the insurance companies to protect or insure a patent. Also a way to   insure your original concept. Patent Insurance company , offering Troll Insurance, Intellectual Property defense, enforcement, IP insurance, patent risk analysis, IP troll defense.

Criteria for Patentability: :

Criteria for Patentability: There are three basic criteria for patentability — Novelty —To be granted a patent, the invention must be the first of its kind in the world . Utility —A valid patent cannot be obtained for something that does not work or that has no useful function. Inventiveness —To be patentable, your invention must be a new development or an improvement of an existing technology that would not have been obvious to someone working in your area of specialty ..

Type of patent infringement insurance::

Type of patent infringement insurance: 1. A defensive policy will assist you if you’re sued for infringing upon a patent. 2. Patent litigation insurance will cover your legal costs if you must sue someone else for patent infringement.

For More detail and Get Patent::

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