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www.unabtech.com - LED Display Board Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India. LED Display Board products are Digital Clocks, GPS Tracking Systems, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines, Emergency Calling System, Token Display System, Automatic Programmable Timers and Syringe Needle Destroyers.


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THIS IS YOUR PRESENTATION TITLE UNAB Technologies Pvt Ltd www.unabteh.com

About Us:

About Us We have completed 15 successful years as a manufacturer and exporter of industrial electronic display units and other products. We supply the optimum quality products and of latest technology. We manufacture - develop customized products as per clients requirements using suitable technologies. Our products are PLC, SCADA, Micro Control, Discrete Electronics, Power Electronics, PC Based, online software control including mobile application, with different possible communication protocol like wireless, MODBUS, RS232, RS 485, TCP IP etc. UNAB team consists of skilled professionals who carry out the day to day operations in an efficient manner. The team consists of specialist with industry knowledge, product knowledge & manufacturing expertise, attitude and suitability of the role. We offer special on job training programme to improve the efficiency. Our team comprises of qualified engineers, technicians, quality controllers, designers, support staff and other skilled and semi-skilled workers. www.unabteh.com


Our Products Electronic display boards Queue Management Token System Automatic Programmable Electronic Score Board LED Video Wall Digital Clocks Needle destroyer Signal Light GPS Napkin Vending Machine Countdown Timer Nurse Calling System www.unabteh.com


Electronic Display Boards We supply wide range of weatherproof LED name boards which are used to display important information or messages. The electronic display units are mounted on stainless steel mountings which are corrosion resistant Features Of Product High quality material used Space sufficiency Corrosion resistant Weatherproof Multi-coloured www.unabteh.com


Queue Management Token System The queue management system we manufacture consists of a calling unit and a display unit. This token system helps in managing the number of patients or customers at a hospital or bank respectively. The unique feature of this device is that it establishes a good relationship between the user, customer and receptionist. Customers can collect their token and wait until they get their turn. This helps in planning time accordingly. www.unabteh.com


Digital Clocks We manufacture wide range Advanced Chip based digital clocks using Industrial grade components, with accurate timing and Reliable. These are Advanced Chip based digital clocks using Industrial grade components, with accurate timing. Features Of Product Time is automatically updated Available in various colours Alarms can be set Volume control option for alarms www.unabteh.com


LED Traffic Signal Light Traffic signal lights are a must have in any city or metro. The beauty of our traffic signal lights is that it ensures constant reliability 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The signals are made from high efficiency, long life, LED systems which help in saving costs. Our traffic signal lights are bright, safe and energy efficient Features Of Product Very low power consumption Accurate performance Battery backup system available We also offer installation and maintenance services www.unabteh.com


GPS Tracking System A GPS tracking system is a device which helps in locating the precise location of a person or vehicle. The device is highly demanded by clients for its excellent performance, hi-tech features, hassle free usage and affordable price. Features: Web based real time tracking Specific vehicle tracking Compact design Operational fluency Long battery life www.unabteh.com


Emergency Nurse CallingSystem It Ensures, whenever any patient calls the nurse, it has be attended by the nurse and it can be reset only from the patient room. It ensure the call is being 100% answered.It is mandatory as per NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospital) or JCI or for some ISO certification. www.unabteh.com


Sanitary Napkin VendingMachines The innovative sanitary napkin vending machines we manufacture are widely used in girl's hostels, colleges, schools, hospitals and corporate offices. The machine is used to wend napkins. It is convenient to pick up the product independently. The machine is solar energy operated and it can also be used in areas with no power supply. The sanitary napkins can be disposed by inserting a coin. www.unabteh.com


Automatic ProgrammableTimer The automatic programmable timer we supply is used in schools, colleges and universities. It is a measure of convenience and safety. The stop function can stop the timer and maintain relay status, turn the relay on or turn it off. It decreases the hassle of manual work. Features Of Product: Multiple bell timings can be stored Security key to avoid unauthorised use Can be programmed for the entire year www.unabteh.com


Syringe Needle Destroyers The basic working of UNAB's syringe needle destroyer is to destroy syringes and needles after use to prevent spreading of infection or diseases. These are portable, safe and a must have in hospitals and clinics. It is recommended that the device should not be used in the presence of flammable liquids, vapours, operating rooms or in the presence of elevated oxygen levels as some sparking can occur. www.unabteh.com


LED Video Wall An LED video wall is an LED display screen. They aid in conveying a message to a particular target audience and are an effective advertising tool. They are widely used in shopping malls, stadiums, event venues, supermarkets, bus stops, railway stations and many other places. The LED video walls offered by us have an excellent picture quality which gives a superior visual experience. The display units also have a great degree of sharpness, clarity and resolution. www.unabteh.com


The digital countdown timer offered by us is fabricated using modern tools which make it highly reliable. It is known for its multitasking and high operational accuracy. It displays the time, date, day and temperature on the screen. The speciality of the timer is the countdown mode. It can also be wall hanged. It is easy to install with 12 or 24 hour format with seconds. It is mainly used in hospitals, government buildings, commercial establishments and industries. www.unabteh.com Digital Countdown Timer

Contact Us:

Contact Us UNAB Technologies Pvt Ltd Mr. Sundar A (Managing Director) 2420, Stanes Colony,Trichy Road, Ondipudur Post, Coimbatore -641016 Tamil Nadu, India +(91)-9944933799 +(91)-422-3198090 www.unabteh.com

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