The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruitment

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10/22/2019 The Role of Artificial Intelligence AI in Recruitment 1/5 The Role of Articial Intelligence AI in Recruitment Fugenx technology Follow Oct 22 · 6 min read What is the role of Artificial Intelligence AI in recruitment How Does Artificial Intelligence AI Improve Your Recruitment Process Learn about the applications and benefits of using Artificial Intelligence AI in recruitment The rise of Artificial Intelligence AI technology Artificial intelligence is a technology that gets more and more attention every year. Intelligent and self-learning programs are used in software development and many other areas of IT. Of course AI is still far from human cognitive abilities but most modern machines can learn make difficult decisions and think. AI-based software is the most flexible solution for various areas of business. This gives greater opportunities for automation of processes that do not require a higher level of creativity and can therefore be done by machine. Process automation is possible due to AI’s ability to analyze big data and quickly assess the options available. AI technologies are widely used not only in IT but also in marketing and development. It is not surprising that some companies are beginning to

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10/22/2019 The Role of Artificial Intelligence AI in Recruitment 2/5 use AI solutions in recruitment trying to find new ways to automate the recruitment process and hire talent. AI is one of the most important recruiting technology solutions that you don’t know and kick yourself for using Recruiting in AI-top-trend Position in Artificial Intelligence AI Recruitment Although the history of artificial intelligence dates back to ancient times countless blogs and articles have focused on the role of AI in recruitment in 2017. Discussions about the possible applications of AI in recruitment have become a kind of storm that has filled many HR conferences. AI is the latest trend in the talent industry and it’s safe to say that such a trend won’t go anywhere in the next few years. It is difficult to overestimate the capabilities of this technology to improve the traditional recruitment routine. For example virtual help enables companies to make complex and time-consuming processes much simpler and faster. AI technologies are very promising because they allow recruiters to complete consolidated profiles from large structured data sets with the skill sets required for a particular position with candidate job profiles. How Artificial Intelligence AI can change placements So how does AI change recruitment First of all this is an opportunity to automate low-level tasks. Providing decision makers with more detailed information which immediately reduces operational costs. Modern recruitment software has many advantages including automating the administrative workload. There is also more specialized software which allows employers to see how the candidate demonstrates his or her skills in practice. For example a filter is used in Tech Talent Recruiting to test candidates using multiple coding challenges that are automatically generated. AI startups create instant value and change the business model as we know it. Recruiting is a market that creates value only for a specific period of time when a candidate is hired. This model hides some difficulties for tech companies. On the one hand they can be used for volatile income streams. On the other hand this model means that they choose to pay for each location instead of using the SaaS model. Artificial intelligence allows these companies to target certain sectors with high

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10/22/2019 The Role of Artificial Intelligence AI in Recruitment 3/5 recruitment requirements. These products also represent recurring revenue but investors and startups need to consider commission-based models if they are to transition to a repeatable model. Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence AI in recruitment Here are 4 key benefits of using artificial intelligence in recruitment: Advantages of using Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting AI Benefit 1: Increase the quality of the appointment HR staff should select the right people from a large pool of applicants. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence the entire process can be broken down into several stages automatically. Recruiters can gather more data on each candidate and evaluate candidates more effectively. There are many AI-based solutions that can help you assess the skills and experience of candidates using specialized algorithms. AI Benefit 2: Better integration of analytics HR managers get the opportunity to select candidates based on their skills and find the right location where the capabilities of a particular candidate are most needed. This new approach not only increases the productivity of the business but also motivates candidates to improve their skills. In addition AI software displays higher levels of accuracy compared to human recruiters. AI Benefit 3: Automation saves time Every company is worth the time and the recruiting industry is no exception. Artificial Intelligence offers a number of solutions for assessing candidates ’skills. AI-based software requires only a few seconds to analyze large amounts of data and produce intelligible results that decision makers can consider. Save time AI solutions also save money and resources. AI Purpose 4: Impartial Decisions Human intervention always implies some share of unconscious or conscious bias. Partisan decisions are a common problem for all types of organizations and AI solutions can mitigate this element. Companies get a great opportunity to recruit only the best candidates based on their true potential as all decisions are taken back to consideration of the data.

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10/22/2019 The Role of Artificial Intelligence AI in Recruitment 4/5 Artificial Intelligence AI applications in recruitment One of the simplest and most valuable applications of AI is the ability to post better targeted ads that the right people can see at the right time by using their online activity history. AI-based software can analyze candidates’ browsing history and use it for decision making. Systems of data management processing allow you to set goals and search for candidates that fit your goals. You can see what your candidates google and what websites they visit. You can also see who’s interested in your company’s web page. Candidates searching for similar positions can see ads for your company’s position the moment you start thinking about getting a new job. Chatbots can add more information to the resumes and talk to candidates answering their basic questions. Advanced chatbots like My have not only talked to candidates but also analyzed their responses using natural language processing which allows a person to see if they have some skills. Recruiters have a full understanding of whether the candidate fits a specific role to fill in the gaps in this bot resume. The traditional recruitment process involves posting a job selecting candidates after multiple interviews and selecting one of them to fill the required position. This whole process is repeated every time someone new to an organization needs it and recruiters should always start from scratch. This means not only loss of time but also loss of information so the efficiency of the process can be significantly lost. Virtual assistants are able to contact store and analyze interactions with each applicant. Solutions like Textio help recruiters improve their job postings making it easier to differentiate candidates. Final Thoughts on Using Artificial Intelligence AI in Recruitment While Artificial Intelligence explores almost all business sectors recruiters are somewhat afraid of AI solutions. Some of them are not sure that the machines are suitable for this job. Others fear that artificial intelligence will replace them. Also the latter is somewhat correct because the machines have already demonstrated good capabilities of doing high repetitive work. On the other hand the use of AI in recruitment is the same reason for increasing the value of human work.

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10/22/2019 The Role of Artificial Intelligence AI in Recruitment 5/5 However it must be understood that the AI trend in recruitment will not be seen in the near future. This is one of the tech trends in HR that has completely changed recruitment in 2018. Recruiters must learn new opportunities and adapt to new conditions in the market. Want to know more about AI services then have a free visit for USM systems. Articial Intelligence Machine Learning Ai In Recruiting Ai Solution Ai Services About Help Legal

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