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“In Praise of Hierarchy” (Jacques, 1990):

“ In Praise of Hierarchy ” (Jacques, 1990) What are hierarchies? Related to “ chain of command ” concept What are famous examples of hierarchies? How do they vary from teams? Do they have any advantages over teams in terms of accountability? Can even teams function without leaders?

Special Strengths and Burdens of Hierarchy:

Special Strengths and Burdens of Hierarchy Accountability is clear, who to reward and punish is clear. Time span and decision-making concept Front-line (immediate horizon)- today, this week, this month Front-line supervisors – immediate future, but a bit further out The top: years out, 5-20 years out, long-term role and existence

Some failures of hierarchy:

Some failures of hierarchy State Psychiatric Hospitals More concerned about external accreditation and monitoring, then internal accountability Roman Catholic Church Sex abuse scandals Neglect and/or cover-up, transfers by bishops of suspect priests U.S. Military Prisoner abuse, failure of chain of command? Are NCO ’ s and officers being held accountable? At least one general said she did not know she could look into it

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