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Welcome to BlackBoard Collaborate Session 1: January 24th 7pm January 25th 12pm January 26th 6pm Instructor: Amy B. Spagnolo, PhD, CPRP. :

Welcome to BlackBoard Collaborate Session 1: January 24 th 7pm January 25 th 12pm January 26 th 6pm Instructor: Amy B. Spagnolo, PhD, CPRP.

AUDIO Instructions:

AUDIO Instructions Use the audio wizard to test your audio. Go to “tools” (located on the top right of your screen in the tools bar) Select “audio wizard”. Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen. Be sure to choose the correct input and output devices based on the hardware you are using. Then, Click on the picture of the microphone on the bottom left of your screen. The microphone icon is located beneath the chat box . If you are having problems with audio, type into that chat box and send me a message. You will know if you are transmitting audio to the group by looking at your name in the top right box of the screen. If the microphone icon next to your name is yellow, your microphone is on . Shut your microphone off when you are NOT speaking. You can shut the microphone off by clicking on the icon again . This will reduce background noise. Using your computer’s speakers is NOT advised . This will cause “feedback” making it very difficult to hear when people are speaking.

Some Fun Tools in Elluminate:

Some Fun Tools in Elluminate There are other ways to communicate in Elluminate besides using your microphone: Chat Box Clapping Raising your hand Emoticons (happy and sad) Polls

Let’s try one…:

Let’s try one… Please answer the following question by clicking on the A, B, or C option. I feel confident about my skills with APA References: Yes, pretty much. Not yet, but I will by the time I do my references. What are APA references?

Some Thoughts on Discussions:

Some Thoughts on Discussions The environment Your thoughts on the topics Your thoughts on the materials Your thoughts on your performance


Discussion Essential component of an online course Objective, valid, and reliable system for grading your participation.

Rating Discussions:

Rating Discussions Posts are graded on a 10 point scale. Your lowest score on the forum posts for the semester will be dropped.



Discussion Guidelines:

Discussion Guidelines Wednesday Lesson is Posted Saturday Your 1 st response must be posted Sunday You must make two replies to at least one classmate’s responses. Monday Instructor provide you feedback Tuesday Your final posts to any questions posed by instructors or classmates must be posted.

The every other week issue….:

The every other week issue…. The instructor will be posting a question every second week. You and your classmates will be posting a question for each of the weeks in between. You must read each of your classmate’s questions and decide which question to respond to for that week. You are responsible to post content in the discussion area every week.


Criteria Add new info… Build on a point…. Or challenge a response. Mention a few points from readings. Relate to personal experience Synthesize, not summarize Spelling! Grammar! R-E-S-P-E-C-T


Exemplary Insightful comments and questions that prompt on-topic discussion. Consistent effort to clarify or synthesize others ideas. If disagreeing, any observations and objections are stated clearly with respectful language and tone. Clear and specific, without being wordy or judgmental. Grammar & spelling is accurate Adds new information or different perspective so others learn something.

Soooooo…..how do you rate?:

Soooooo …..how do you rate? Please answer the following question by clicking on the A, B, or C option. I feel confident that my responses in the discussion forum can be considered exemplary: Yes. Not yet, but I know how to improve. What is the discussion forum?

How to lose points (and more!):

How to lose points (and more!) Be late Ignore the criteria Post 1 and 2 liners with lots of “I agree” or “Good point.” Go off on a tangent, and try bring your friends along off topic. Be rude and abusive, especially when you disagree. Ignore people, even when specifically prompted or questioned. Ignore discussion forum altogether!

Tips for success …:

Tips for success … Go out on a limb sometimes!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Read the Directions !

PowerPoint Presentation:

Keep things Balanced!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Try to see things from a different perspective!

PowerPoint Presentation:

Have Fun!

Questions & Discussion:

Questions & Discussion

Call on me.:

Call on me. And good luck with the semester! Dr. Amy Spagnolo 201-978-3351 between 9am and 6pm (unless in case of emergencies)

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