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Computers 4 Kids Project:

Computers 4 Kids Project Liz Savage


Summary I have been working with my client, Computer 4 Kids (C4K) to create a training module for mentors to use with their students. The module walks mentors and students through the basics of using Audacity to help complete a student project.

Client Background:

Client Background A non-profit technology mentoring program for low-income students in grades 7-12 Students meet after school with mentors once a week in a computer lab setting, for a total of 36 hours. Students work with mentors to acquire new technology skills necessary to eventually create two meaningful technology projects. Mentors do not need a technology background, the main goal is mentoring.


Proposal The training problem I will analyze is the need mentors, especially new or less technologically savvy mentors have in choosing the right software tools, including how to use specific tools to help create the students final project. C4K’s ultimate goal is to create a vast collection of modules for mentors and students to access together depending on their need. I will conduct an analysis of current needs, determining where there are knowledge gaps, use a survey/questionnaire of staff, and possibly observation of mentoring sessions to determine the specific training needs of mentors.

Proposal continued:

Proposal continued After determining the key objectives of the staff, I will design and develop an online module for mentors and mentees to use together in the computer lab. After implementation, I will work with the Teen Tech students to conduct a Level 1 evaluation, determining their reaction to the content, presentation, anticipated application, etc.


Timeline Approximate timeline: Week 1-3: Analysis- Creation of survey/Needs assessment/ Training needs analysis Week 4-6: Design- Determine course objectives, goals, instructional strategies, types of training material, and media selection Week 7-10: Develop- course materials and evaluation instruments Week 11-12: Implementation/Delivery- Use with Teen Tech students as focus group. Conduct level 1 reaction evaluation Week 13-15 : Evaluation- Use evaluation to modify objectives, content, presentation, etc. Supplement with job aids for reference


Analysis To determine which tools the current mentors would have the most benefit from further training on I provided a basic survey using Survey Monkey. This was created with guidance of the Director of Computer 4 Kids, based on areas she saw current weaknesses in. After receiving the results, I shared them with the director and the staff, who ultimately made the final decision in which tool to focus on.

Survey for mentors:

Survey for mentors

Analysis results :

Analysis results This question asked mentors which program they would most like further training in. The most selected response was Audacity.

Analysis results:

Analysis results Again, the majority of mentors responding felt either slightly uncomfortable or very uncomfortable using Audacity in their mentoring sessions.

Design and Development:

Design and Development PowerPoint module introducing Audacity: T he finished product was 12 slides, showing how to record audio, import audio, edit, add special effects, and export the finished product.

Importing audio and playback:

Importing audio and playback Create new project Import file Simply drag and drop the audio file in to the Audacity window. Select Import Audio ... in the File menu . Playback Sample slide from module

Sample slide from module:

Sample slide from module Basic Audio Editing Making a selection Copying or Cutting that selection Silencing unwanted parts Duplicating


Implementation After sharing the module with the director at Computer 4 Kids, she had Teen Tech students use and evaluate the module. It was tested by 15 students and two staff members using AuthorStream .


Evaluation Teen Tech students were given a level one reaction survey to complete after they used the module.

Lessons Learned:

Lessons Learned This was an enjoyable project because the client was easy to work with, flexible, and timely. A conversation before beginning the ADDIE process helped make expectations clear and the agreed timeline was also important. We had a few problems, such as Windows/Mac compatibility on the computer lab computers so it was helpful to have some extra built in time to solve the small problems as they occurred.

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