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Product Life Cycle:

Product Life Cycle PRESENTED by : KULDEEP YADAV PGDM 2010-12 REG.NO – 6024 SECTION – ‘A’

Introduction to PLC:

Introduction to PLC Product Life Cycle Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

Stages in Product Life Cycle:

Stages in Product Life Cycle Introduction Stage Growth Stage Maturity Stage Decline Stage Product Life Cycle PLC shows the stages that products go through from Introduction to withdrawal from the market.

Introduction Stage:

Introduction Stage No Competition Low Sales Volume Negligible Profits Creation of Demand High Cost Product Life Cycle

Growth Stage:

Growth Stage Increase in Demand Increase in Market Share Sales Volume Increase Profit Rise Entry of Competitors Product Life Cycle

Maturity Stage:

Maturity Stage Most Common Stage Saturation Point Price Competition Product Differentiation Product/Packaging Modification Avoid Shrinkage of Sales Volume Product Life Cycle

Decline Stage:

Decline Stage Demand Shrinks New Replaces Old Sales & Profits Diminishes Link up with New Products Maintain Harvest Discontinue Product Life Cycle

Example: Maggi Noodles:

Example: Maggi Noodles Product Life Cycle Stage 1: Introduction Launched in India in 1982 keeping in mind working women and children. Pioneer in instant noodle market. Low Price “ BAS 2 MINUTE” Stage 2: Growth Sales Incresed 50% Market Share No 1 Brand “GOOD TO EAT FAST TO COOK” Entry of a Competitor

Slide 9:

Product Life Cycle Stage 3: Maturity Introduced new Variety Price Rs 5 Onwards Big Time Promotional Offers Slow Down In Sales Market Saturation Stage 4: Decline Big Time Downfall in Sales Formulation Changed New products launched Failure

Reintroduction of MAGGI Noodle:

Reintroduction of MAGGI Noodle Reintroduced in 1999 Increased Distribution Focus on new segments of Society New & Interesting TV Commercial Product Life Cycle

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