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In the name of Allah The most gracious and the Most merciful .

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Presented By Syed Umair Sadiq ( 110629) final Thesis

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“ Effects of Motivation on job Satisfaction Of Project Manager’s”

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Presentation Plan Introduction Problem Identification Problem Statement Objective of the Study Theoretical Framework Literature Review Research Methodology

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Many motivational theories influence employee performance. Herzberg et al, 1959 said there is a relationship between motivation and job satisfaction . Fresh candidate needs more motivation as compared to others. Motivation is necessary because every individual wants some achievements.

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Mo tivation of a project manager’s should take as resource not as a liability because many times firms not focus on motivation which later on effects employee performance. Motivation can get a competitive advantage for firms if project manager share with other coworker to know the influence of motivation. Most of the studies explore both variable and shows relationship between motivation and job satisfaction. Main challenges is promote and create the best practices to enhance employee performance by implementing different strategies . Most of the companies like; construction companies, software houses and NGO’s take action to improve efficiency of work.

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Motivation is not a magical show that plays miracles. There is no secret or trick to motivate people in order to complete more efficiently and effectively. Motivation can improve only those who are trained to obtain skills and ability like training which is on the job and off the job. Theories like intrinsic and extrinsic motivation were also discussed in this study In this study researchers try to find positive relationship of job satisfaction with motivation of project manager’s.

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After introductory interviews with successful project managers, it was notices that motivation has a positive effects on job satisfaction of project manager’s . Most of the factors of motivation effects job satisfaction of project managers.

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There is a need to give motivation to project managers in order to increase their performance. PROBLEM STATEMENT

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How does motivation can effect the job satisfaction of project managers?

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To analyze the level of job satisfaction of project managers. To examine the effects of motivation on job satisfaction of project managers.

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Independent Variable Dependent Variable Moti v ation Job Satisfaction H1: Motivation has a positive effects on job satisfaction of project managers.

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Chapter No 2 Literature Review Luthans, 1998 assert that motivation is the process that arouse, energies, directs and performance. Motivation encourage people internally towards the actions which helps then to achieve employee effectiveness which inspire people to work hard. Simon, p.276 has clearly define why motivation is mandatory? That is to motivate their staff towards work for organizational goal.

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Frey,1997 showed that extrinsic rewards like monetary benefits may interact negatively with the intrinsic Motivation. Wright and pandy,2005 described emotional attachment and loyalty are most important factors of project managers motivation . Horwitz et al, 2003, predicted that employee get high motivation through challenging work environment and support to top management. Allen & Meyer,1990 have try to answer the question; how organization can investigate that whether they are keeping staff members happy, satisfied

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JOB SATISFACTION Job satisfaction has a great impact in the field of management and human behavior. Most of the researchers focused on these subjects in recent years(. Kosteas,2009). Ramayah , Jantan , Tadisina , 2002 describe job satisfaction elaborate how project managers are optimistic towards their work and performance. Locke 1969, job satisfaction is the situation of emotional gladness, result from the achievements of goals and objectives. Aswathappa,2003 discussed the determinants of job satisfaction of project managers like; wage payment and rewards.

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Shahu & Shah explain job satisfaction and fatigue (Exhaustion) variable found negative relationship between fatigue and satisfaction. The fatigue has found negative predictor of job satisfaction. If fatigue gets minimized, job satisfaction can be improved by various innovations and encouraging strategies. Job satisfaction and involvement of the project managers leads him to have high levels of performance.

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Relationship Between Motivation & Job Satisfaction There is a positive relationship between motivation and job satisfaction of project managers. (Herzberg et al,1959) Kovach 1987, identify the relationship; the need to provide basic necessities of life motivates most people which in return satisfied project managers. Wagar, 1998, explained in the global market, one can be successful when highly motivated, skilled and satisfied workforce that can produce quality goods at low cost.

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Th e data will be collected from the sample population of project managers through questionnaire. The sample size 150 people . The primary data will be collected through questionnaire and the secondary data will be collected from journals, research papers and book.

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Target Respondent The target respondents are the project managers of different companies. The questionnaire will be filled by the project managers to measure their satisfaction level through motivation .

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Target industries are the Project manager’s of different companies like; software houses, construction companies and NGO’s.

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1. Strongly Agree 2. Agree 3. Neither Agree/ Dis agree 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree

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Procedure Data will be analyzed by SPSS statistical package for social sciences. Regression Analysis will be carried out to determine the effects of independent variables on dependent variables.

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Demographic Profile of the Respondents Variable Category Frequency(n) Percentage % Valid Percent Cumulative Percent Age 18-30 74 49.3 49.3 49.3 31-40 60 40.0 40.0 89.3 41-50 16 10.7 10.7 100.0 Total 150 100.0 100.0

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Variable Category Frequency(n) Percentage Valid percentage Cumulative Percentage Gender Male 94 62.7 62.7 62.7 Female 56 37.3 37.3 100.0 Total 150 100.0 100.0

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RELIABILITY STATISTICS OF MOTIVATION ChronBatch’s Alpha No of items .546 8

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Correlation Analysis meanJS meanM meanJS Pearson Correlation 1 .510(**) Sig. (2-tailed) .000 N 150 150 meanM Pearson Correlation .510(**) 1 Sig. (2-tailed) .000 N 150 150

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Regression Analysis (Motivation VS Job Satisfaction) Model R R Square Adjusted R Square Std. Error of the Estimate 1 .510(a) .260 .255 .43098 Model Summary

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ANOVA Model Sum of Squares d.f Mean Square F Sig. 1 Regression 9.650 1 9.650 51.950 .000(a) Residual 27.491 148 .186 Total 37.140 149

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Coefficients Model Unstandardized Coefficients Standardized Coefficients t Sig. B Std. Error β B Std. Error 1 (Constant) 1.452 .135 10.742 .000 meanM .449 .062 .510 7.208 .000

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Conclusion s

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