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SEA POLLUTION The Other Side of the Sea in Istanbul

Sea Pollution Marine pollution occurs when harmful effects or potentially harmful effects, can result from the entry into the ocean of chemicals, partticles, industrial, agricultural and residental waste,noise, or the spread of invasive organisms.

Major pollutants in coastal and marine environment : 

Major pollutants in coastal and marine environment Oil Sewage Garbage Radioactive waste

Main sources of pollution in Istanbul : 

Main sources of pollution in Istanbul For sewage spills Spills the oil Platforms and pipelines in the sea of established Garbage

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Caused Sewage spills Industrial wastes threaten marine ecosystem. Spreading dangerous diseases, carcinogenic effect, biological or microbial industrial residues have reached the sea without treatment.

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Spills the oil In recent years the Istanbul Strait was the scene has a very busy sea traffic. Fuel leaking into the sea in the sea in shipwreck, load or discharge into the sea in the ship’s sinking can lead to environmental disaster.

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To summarize some of the shipwreck, if necessary: Independenta; 15/11/1979, Haydarpasa in front of more than 100,000 tons of crude oil tanker exploded was installed Blue Star; 28/10/1988, 1.000 tons of ammonia gas into the sea Istanbul harbor spread, Jambur-Datongsham; 29.03.1990, Istanbul Strait is flowing into the sea 2.600 shades gazoil, Rabinion-18; 14/11/1991, Istanbul Strait sankk ships loaded 20,000 live animals, Nassia; 13.03.1994, Istanbul Strait around 2,000 tons of crude oil has been flowing into the sea.

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Spills the Garbage Garbage dumping is the dumping of harmful materials into the ocean like human waste ground-up garbage, water from bathing and plastics. Most of the waste that waste has been dumped into the ocean in the early 1990’s is still there today. In recent years increase day by day in Istanbul.

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Radioactive waste International agreements are damaged due Bosphours.Many trade ships are carriying toxic wastes.This situation increasing radioactive waste. Motreux Convention was signed in 1936 from the Bosporus in the year 4.700 the average passing ships, according to data from the Maritime Undersecretariat, in 2006 Approximately 55 thousand ships, 8 thousand and 144 million tanker past.

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In some parts of city it can see easily different between two sea.

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In order to decrease sea pollution in ıstanbul, States need to check the ships of the sea. People must be sensetive for the prevent sea. Prevent to factories waste. Goverment create the project for the prevent sea



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