XLPE Submarine Power Cable Manufacturers Sharing Repair and Maintenanc

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Submarine or subsea XLPE power cable manufacturers often suggest their products to marine industries due to the reliability of the cable. These power cables are sturdy but there are circumstances when the users need to perform repairs for power cables. XLPE range of power cables is stronger and durable enough but still it needs maintenance and care to avoid faults. Cable faults are caused by several events both manmade and natural. Under water depth more than 1000 meters faults are usually caused by natural events like underwater seismic activity underwater landslides current abrasion etc. Under water depths less than 200 meters faults are always caused by manmade activities such as anchoring and fishing.

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Submarine power cables are being in used since early 1800s. However such cables were used majorly to transmit electricity from traditional sources such as coal plants either between countries or oil platforms or out to islands. Global market for submarine XLPE electrical cables has surged over the past decade and is ready to grow more. Manufacturers are making proper guidelines for users to maintain their XLPE submarine cables to secure communication traffic through submarine cable networks. Repair ships are ready to stand by to scramble for repairs. There are groups that provide maintenance solutions by offering support of maintenance ships skillful experts and engineers who do the repair work on 24 hours basis. It is found that around 70 of all cable faults are happened by fishing and anchoring activities and about 12 of the faults are caused by natural hazards like earthquakes and current abrasion. When there is an urgent need to repair a cable a cableship needs to be mobilized. These ships are placed at strategic locations across the world and are on 24 hours standby to perform repairs. The cable systems are monitored constantly so when there is any fault user will instantly get to know about it. The staff in the cable station of the system starts a series of tests to determine the fault. Once the location of the fault is known cableship makes final plans for the repair. Cableship will start operation to recover the cable after reaching the repair site. Ultra Cab is among world class XLPE power cable manufacturers that provide premium range of brand new power cables and electrical cables to global clients from distinct industries. They also provide marine or submarine power cables to marine industries. This Article is Originally Published on: http://power-cable.kinja.com/xlpe-submarine-power-cable-manufacturers-sharing-repair-1783898611

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