UK Screeds Is Now the Foremost Supplier of Liquid Screeds in the UK

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UK Screeds Is Now the Foremost Supplier of Liquid Screeds in the UK UK Screeds is now the leading supplier and installer of liquid floor screeds throughout the UK having no less than eleven branches in England and Wales. Wherever you are there is a branch near you says the company. The company supplies liquid screeds to both new builds and to restoration projects and claims that there are very many advantages over the traditional sand and cement screed that has been used until recently. In fact sand and cement is still used very widely as the building trade can be somewhat slow to adopt new ideas when the old way has been safe and sure for many years. However laying sand and cement screed is a laborious process as even if it is delivered ready mixed it has to be laid by hand which involves a labourer getting down on hands and knees. This can result in different finishes because different tradesmen will have varying levels of skill. Liquid screeds however are delivered to the site ready to pour and are installed using a screed pump. Because it is laid in a liquid form it will fill every gap and void and is also self-levelling. If you think about it if you poured water over a substrate that was uneven the surface of the water when it has settled will be

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level no matter how many dips and bumps there may be in the material over which it was poured. Liquid screed is the same. In fact just to make extra certain the liquid screed is levelled using a laser. This means that it is level to what is known as Surface Regularity 2 or SR2 as a minimum and will usually achieve SR1 which is the highest level possible. What this means for the main contractor is that the screed will be as level as it possibly can be for the installation of the final floor. This is particularly important if the floor is of tile or some other material that is glued to the screed. Liquid screed is highly resistant to curling or shrinkage so it stays flat and level. With other screeds that may not be the case and it could lead to tiles cracking as the screed shrinks underneath it. Not only are liquid screeds very fast to lay but they are also quick to dry being ready for walking on in 48 hours or less. This means that there is little to no disturbance to other contractors working on site. About The Company: UK Screeds is the foremost provider of liquid floor screeds in the UK which are rapidly gaining ground over traditional sand and cement screed since there are so many advantages to them. For further information contact Andy Guy on 0800 197 8802 mobile 07900 154666 or email UK Screeds Ltd 5 Thorpes Field Alvescot England Bampton Oxfordshire OX18 2QF

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