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UK Home Save LTD shares the best electricity saving tips. The also provide full house energy audit and high quality energy saving products. For more information visit our website


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How to Save Electricity is one of the most frequently asked question. Here are simple and common methods to be implemented in order to cut energy costs without compromising your lifestyle and without high costs of conservations. In some climatic conditional regions heating and cooling expenses dominate the largest part of household energy use. In a large number of global locations running your air conditioner at 25 instead of 22 will get you 40 of your cooling bill. There is no need for you to freeze to death or roast yourselves to obtain the reduced usage of energy and actually save your valuable money.

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First step to be taken in order to answer the vital question of how to save Electricity is to make sure that filters of your cooling units are clean. Furthermore also double check with the manufacturer of your cooling equipment or with your electric utility company to see if filters on your units need to be cleaned or replaced. Secondly there is no need to use the heating or cooling systems if no one is home. If you sure of the time that you are going to be away more than a half an hour then have a choice of completely turning off of your heating or cooling off or you also could turn it down to minimal level. Do not turn off the heat in a cold climate because that may result in the pipes breaking.

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 Supplementation your main unit with portable units is a very effective way to avoid hassle of controlling the use of electricity. Using a fan helps to keep the heat away which means less use of air conditioning systems. Using portable heaters when you are sleeping or otherwise staying in one room can mean less use of heat if it means that you dont have to use the main unit or in these cases you might not even need the heating as body temperatures of a large number of people group together can with strand a lot cold.  More importantly try setting the thermostat of your system to run less frequently. You could turn your air conditioner up a few minimal degrees or your heater down by an acceptable number of degrees and you will notice that you can still be comfortable and full fill the obligation of conservation option.

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• However timing the opening and closing of your windows and drapes will reduce heating and cooling cost respectively depending on your local climatic settings. On those normally cold but sunny days opening curtains and drapes while leaving windows closed will help you to keep your home with desired temperature. Opening the windows on summer nights helps cool your home. Installing storm windows in some climates reduces heating costs. Check for holes in your roof and in your pipes improves the performance of your respective systems. This can help reduce up to 10 per cent of your heating and cooling costs.

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 For more energy saving tips information full house energy audit and products visit UK Home Save LTD.

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